How Quickly Time Flies

December 8, 2008 § Leave a comment

December 8, 2007

December 6, 2008

We made much wiser clothing choices in 2008, but we still froze our asses off.

I Know Our Honeymoon Was Seven Months Ago

July 15, 2008 § 2 Comments

But I finally just got this photo scanned into digital format — while in Mexico, we went horseback riding on the beach, and you were also allowed to unsaddle your horse and take it into the ocean for a swim. It was my first experience both riding bareback and swimming with a horse. Apparently horses love to swim, but they make really weird grunting noises while doing it. Anyway — there is Scott (isn’t his farmer tan so adorable?!)! On a horse! (A horse whose name was either Wizard or Weezer!) And, while it appears that the horse is smiling, he’s actually grunting.

Scott had joked the whole ride that once we got to the beach, he wasn’t just going to swim with the horse, he was going to drown it. And, well, unfortunately for Wizard/Weezer, Scott succeeded.

(Just kidding.)

No Cats Were Harmed in the Writing of This Post

January 27, 2008 § 2 Comments

I’ve had a life-long love affair with Polaroid photos (longtime Internet readers may remember the Polaroid-shot casts of characters); so it comes as no surprise that they were a big part of our wedding day. The Husband and I spray painted a series of signs that said things like ‘WE’RE SO GLAD’ and “YOU’RE HERE” and then took Polaroids of each other holding them, and placed them on the welcome table at the ceremony.

We thought it would be a nice way to be with our guests during the times when we couldn’t be with our guests, because of traditions and formal photographs and whatnot. We also brought the camera to the reception and tried to take photos of all our family and friends; we have one of us that served as the only real proof (other than rings and dented savings accounts) that we had gotten hitched during the weeks we were waiting for the official photographer’s photos.

The bottom line is, we got a lot of compliments on the Polaroid touches. One friend told me he steals an idea for his wedding at every one he goes to; the signs were what he planned to steal from us. Which was neat, and nice, because the Polaroids were something that was really just us, and not inspired or lifted from Martha Stewart or InStyle.

When it came time to write our thank-you notes, The Husband had the brilliant idea of including Polaroids of ourselves actually using some of the gifts we’d been given. Most were simple, and boring; him mixing cocktails with the shaker into the highball glasses. Me sipping wine from the Cabernet glasses, the decanter nearby. And, et cetera.

One lucky friend — who is a big fan of our gray tabby — got this Polaroid:
(Oddly enough, I’m wearing the same sweater right now. And my hair is six inches shorter.)

It makes me wish we had made the rest of our thank-you notes just as sassy. The tabby disagrees.


January 7, 2008 § 1 Comment

Rather than making a long post in pictures of our wedding day, Scott and I decided that LOLcatting felt more appropriate. (All original photos by the amazing Tamar London.)

Bride Can Haz Cheezburger?

Iz Caturday


It’s a Lion

Pew Pew Pew

Not Just Married, but Married Fairly Recently

December 10, 2007 § 10 Comments

More to come later … but for now … yes … we really went through with it. And it was amazing.

Heaven’s Gonna Burn Your Eyes

December 6, 2007 § 7 Comments

Today I’ve got to go pick up a dress, two rings, and a tux, and then I’ve got to drive, and then get a license, and then I’m going to get hitched. In case anyone was wondering, it’s about damn time I got married. And took a long, long honeymoon.

Back in ’08, but maybe, just maybe — if you behave yourselves — even before then.

Girl Who Never, Ever Gossips

The Road Outside My House Is Paved With Good Intentions

September 21, 2007 § 1 Comment

Him: I called the limo place in ____ to get a quote today.
Me: And?
Him: $180 for two hours.
Me: What?! That’s absurd. Did you tell them it was for a wedding?
Him: Yes.
Me: There’s the problem, then. You say “wedding” and vendors get dollar signs in their eyes. Never say wedding, they jack up the prices!! You should’ve told them it was for a funeral. I bet funerals get discounted rates.
Him: A funeral I’m planning … in December?
Me: Oh. Well. Aren’t most women who are murdered killed by their husbands?
Him: Once again, I’m not following your logic.
Me: Yeah, me either, actually.

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