Random E-Mails From My Husband

June 29, 2012 § Leave a comment

From: Rodkey, Scott
To: Me, obviously
Re: Reminder …

Today is Thorsday:

I mean, I’m not complaining.
But this puts the “what” in “wtf.”
(In a good way, sweetie.) 

Miami 2012 Memories

May 13, 2012 § 1 Comment

When I look back in six months and wonder how I gained so much pregnancy weight, this post will come in handy. Miami in May was the result of quite a few new lbs.

Miami Bayside Sunset

We stayed on the bay side this trip, away from the hustle, bustle and bars of Ocean Drive. We were rewarded with gorgeous sunsets like this, which Scott enjoyed in person and I enjoyed in this photograph because the bed was soooooo comfy.

The best meal we had on this trip was at Yardbird Southern Table, which (as you might guess from the name) is dedicated to Southern staples like chicken and waffles, grits, collard greens, that sort of gorgeous food.

Yardbird Macaroni and Cheese

The delicious, amazing macaroni and cheese at Yardbird. I fell in love not just with this dish, but with the whole restaurant, where our server didn’t blink an eye when I asked for a big glass of milk to drink with my dessert. (We shared a communal table with two beefy guys, who gave each other raised eyebrows when my dinner turned out to be mac and cheese followed by s’mores pie and milk for dessert. It was all I could do to not shout, “Are either of you growing a human?”)

Yardbird BLT

The BLT at Yardbird; fried green tomatoes, pork belly, homemade pimento cheese. Scott ate this, and reported that it was delicious. The fetus and I report that it was “suspicious.” (I’m sure it was delicious. Pretty much everything looks/smells suspicious to me right now, except Pop-Tarts.) Interestingly, Yardbird is the creation of a ‘Top Chef,” which we did not know at the time, but maybe we cool it on the TV chef stalking, huh?

Montecarlo Star Pizza From Giotto

Pizza is also reliably delicious, especially this — the Montecarlo Star Pizza from Giotto. Those edges were filled with ricotta and pepperoni. It was difficult to only eat one of these, and not go back here for lunch every day of the trip.

Miami Sunny Day

The weather was reliably gorgeous. Sunny, in the 80s, no humidity, with a thunderstorm every day around 4 p.m., except for our last day there, when it rained all afternoon, so we went to see ‘Avengers’, during which I ate too much popcorn combined with a Tylenol, resulting in a stomach ache and some tears.

Sprinkles Six-Pack

Normally we take cabs to and from the airport, but this trip, we drove and parked in economy just so we could pop into Georgetown for Sprinkles Cupcakes before we went home-home. For the record, Friday is the best day to stop by Sprinkles, as both Chai Latte (the blue dot) and Lemon (the flowers) are available. Also present are Red Velvet and Salty Caramel (the best short-term flavor, ever). These have made for excellent breakfast treats throughout Mother’s Day weekend.

Internet, Let Me Show You My Record Collection.

January 24, 2011 § 4 Comments

I own exactly four LPs:

AC Newman — The Slow Wonder
Rainer Maria — Long Knives Drawn
Sleater-Kinney — The Woods

And some Jeff Mangum live album I have no recollection of purchasing but that I am very much looking forward to listening to on my new iPod nano just as soon as Scott converts it into MP3s for me.

Speaking of Scott, let me show you his record collection:


That’s about a sixth of his record collection. We get a record in the mail, by way of eBay, almost every day.

Coming soon: A new site category called Highlights From My Husband’s Record Collection because, Internet, you just WAIT until you see some of these album covers.


You’re going to love it, I promise.

More Like 12 Fierce Feet, I Guess*

January 5, 2011 § 3 Comments

Today, Scott sent me an email that said, basically, I know this is a little nerdy but would you have any interest in doing a podcast with me? I don’t think we have the right equipment but we could try it, see what we need, see how it goes, see if it’s fun, see if we want to do it for real. I thought maybe it’d be neat…

My response said, basically: ZOMG, I’m totally in, but only if our podcast can have podCATS.

And so, our new little hobby was born — we’ll see if it ever crawls, walks, and moves the hell out of the house. All I know is, anytime I can do things that remind me of who I was a long time ago — i.e., a fresh-out-of-college girl who used to do a pirate radio show on the pAved earth once a week (er, month) out of Ben’s basement — I’m going to do them with glee.


*This is perhaps the most inside-baseball post title ever. My show on the pAved earth was called 13 Fierce Feet. I’d play 13 songs I liked. This podcast would have my two feet, Scott’s two feet, Indy’s four feet, Reno’s four feet, equaling 12 Fierce Feet. Yep. Dork. But those days were SO FUN.

Warning: This Is Depressing.

July 13, 2010 § Leave a comment

About a week ago, I decided to surprise Scott by “adopting” the National Zoo’s red pandas in his name — the pair there had just given birth to their first baby. (Sadly, this means you give them a donation and you get a tax deduction, not an actual red panda. Sad, I know.)

That night I gave him the paperwork, it was adorable, and then we watched red panda videos on the Apple TV for a solid hour and talked about how we couldn’t wait for mom and baby to go back into their exhibit (they’d been quarantined for bonding time) so we could visit and point and squeal.

Yesterday, we got this in the mail:

Amazing, right?

It’s a box with LIVE ANIMALS and DO NOT FEED written all over it and holes punched in it. Inside is a very well-done stuffed version of a red panda, along with a tote bag, and a thank you letter. I wasn’t expecting anything other than the letter — so I was above and beyond pleasantly surprised (and also a little bummed that I had blown the surprise when this would’ve been much, much better than a piece of paper).

It also reminded me: We needed to check when mom and baby were going on display!

So we did.

And the baby had died.


It’s a little sad now, seeing this stuffed version of the red panda around the house, getting weirdly attacked by cats and knowing that. And, at the same time, I feel good knowing that I couldn’t be the only one who’d heard the news and made a contribution. The zoo needs people like that, in good times and in bad, when things are cute and when they’re old and mean and schizophrenic (cough Knut cough) — and this makes me want to step up my support all the time.

(I’m also posting my all-time favorite red panda video, possibly my all-time favorite animal video, to cheer you up just in case you want to kill yourself after this rollercoaster. Fast forward to 0:40 and the headbutting will heal your soul.)

Before and After: The Chair Project

July 10, 2010 § 2 Comments

I would like to say that this was a weekend project, but it was more like a month-long project that started at an antiques store, required 3 trips to Home Depot and resulted in splotches of fluorescent yellow spray paint on my purse and my Blackberry. Still. It’s done and they’re pretty!

Inspiration courtesy of the Novogratzes, who make me want to spraypaint everything.

I Cheated … And This Is My Punishment, i.e., The Go Fish Project

August 30, 2009 § 6 Comments

Update: The local DC Top 40 radio station, Hot 99.5, came forward Wednesday morning and admitted that this whole thing was a prank, designed to prop up their ratings during the week of Senator Kennedy’s death (when listeners might switch over to news stations for coverage). Oh, and it was a test of the media’s fact-checking skills, too. Riiiiight. They might as well own it — the scam was a blatant play for ratings — during the last week of the month, during the last week of a quarter. Dirty, dirty Comcast. Makes me even happier that we spoofed it.

By now, you’ve seen the story about William Taylor,” but in case you haven’t — he’s the guy whose wife caught him cheating, and made him stand out in a busy intersection during rush hour holding a sign that said, “I Cheated. This Is My Punishment.”

It turns out, that intersection is less than a mile from where my husband and I live.

It also just so happens that I think the whole story is ridiculous. First and foremost, it seems like a prank — something specially designed to go viral (when I first heard about it, I directed my suspicions at the local pop radio station); secondly, is this really the route to forgiveness? Is the wife really going to forgive him afterward? It seems too petty, too contrived, too simple.

It also seems ready-made for mocking.

Which is why my husband and I stayed up late last night with posterboard and markers, making signs, and why we spent an hour at that very same intersection this morning:



I sat across the median on the sidewalk and watched while Scott stood, looking as pathetic and sheepish as he possibly could, in the center of the median, twisting and turning for optimal passersby ease of reading. I think the story has been in the local media enough that travelers are conditioned to peek over at that intersection. I’m sure a lot of people just assumed “Oh, there’s that William Taylor guy again,” but plenty of others looked, read the sign, looked again, and started laughing. There was honking, some thumbs-ups, and a lot of cracking up. We only lasted an hour — Scott has a borderline stress fracture in his foot, and he has to wear a boot, so I could only force him to stand there in the heat for so long — but Project Go Fish was a success.

And, for the record, no — he didn’t actually cheat at Go Fish. (But he is ridiculously good at it.)

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