The Kills @ 9:30 Club: The Concert Project (February)

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The Kills are a sneaky, sneaky band.

The Kills Alison Mosshart

Photo by allsongs, all rights reserved and no permission granted though they do allow downloads so ... I guess this usage is OK:

Their albums seem to sneak up on me — both in terms of when they come out (they released an album in 2009 that I only found out about in 2011, which was an extremely fun surprise) and the tracks within (I don’t think I realized how many of their songs I absolutely love until I heard so many of them live and felt thrilled and danced my ass off).

They kill it live.

Alison Mosshart is all stringy pink/blonde hair and energetic headbanging (Scott called her “a female early Axl Rose” on the drive home).

Jamie Hince is thin and stylish in skinny jeans and a scarf, a look only English dudes can pull off.

The Kills 9:30 Club Drummers

Photo by allsongs, all rights reserved and no permission granted ditto confusion:

For songs requiring a bit of booming percussion, they were joined on stage by two guys in black leather, faces covered in red scarves — a combination of creepy and surgical. (I was relieved when they dropped the scarves after a few songs, because the show was packed and it was HOT.)


  • Heart Is a Beating Drum: This was the third song they played — the pounding drums, Allison screaming, Jamie flitting around — this was the song where they were warmed up and hit their stride.
  • Drunk People: People at this show WERE SO WASTED and SO YOUNG. I hate drunk people — and that’s going to be the hardest part of actually completed this year’s project.
  • U.R.A. Fever: No song makes me want to get in a fistfight as much as this song does. Luckily we found an open little place to relocate away from drunk people, so I was able to just dance this one out and not fight anyone.
  • Tape Song: This is my favorite song of theirs, and I clearly wasn’t alone. I danced this one out with two strangers.
  • Crazy: They covered Patsy Cline. It hurt my ears a lot.
  • Nail in My Coffin: This is one of my favorite cardio songs. They played a completely slowed-down version of it, and at the time I expected the tension of it to build and build and explode into an all-out, full-speed version. It didn’t, and I was disappointed.

Big Bonus! NPR was there, taping the show, so you can listen to the whole thing here. While that’s cool and all, it always annoys me that the 9:30 Club doesn’t sell a few less tickets, because the NPR recording equipment takes up A LOT of space and then a sold-out show just becomes uncomfortable.

Opening Band: Jeff the Brotherhood

We missed the opening opening band, Hunters, because there was a parking spot right outside Graffiato and we couldn’t resist. I know. We missed most of Jeff the Brotherhood as well, which is a bit of a bummer because they are really great. Coincidentally, my favorite song of theirs is called Bummer, and you should check it out.

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