Gratuitous Cat Photos: Get Used to It.

January 15, 2012 § Leave a comment

I keep mentioning that Scott got a very nice camera for Christmas (from yours truly, who is awesome, obviously). He’s been playing around with it quite a bit, and I will be posting his best shots on those rare occasions when I both have time and remember.

Luckily, we live with two very willing subjects.

Namely, Miss Indiana Mousekowitz:

Shampoo Solo: Indiana Mousekowitz

I love her little jellybean toes so very dearly.

And, of course, Mister Reno Diego Garcia:

Shampoo Solo: Reno's Got It!

We were in the middle of changing the sheets, and as he always does at that time, Reno came in and insisted on playing on every level of mattress, fitted sheet, flat sheet, fuzzy blanket, and duvet. I love how Scott managed to catch him in such an active pose — he really is an athletic cat, though he is also very evil. Don’t let the photo confuse you.

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