My Day Job Is Pretty Sweet.

September 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’m not sure everyone knows this, but I also blog for Pure Matters.

(And, frankly, I do a lot more than that, but the blogging is the most visible thing.)

They’re an online retailer that sells vitamins and supplements. I won’t preach but I take 8 zillion supplements now, and I feel like my health and fitness is the best it’s been in my whole life. For real.

I originally wrote and published this post on my area over there, but it’s been awhile since I’ve updated and I’m not sure the 30 people who come here every day ever go over to Pure Matters. So enjoy.


Once a quarter, one of my favorite things happens: The Pure Matters bloggers all get together in one room. And on September 13, that’s exactly what happened — Koren, Echelle and Meredith visited Roger in Washington, D.C., and we were joined by several members of our editorial and design teams, Hari, Erika, Jennifer and Glynis. (Where was Nikki? Off marrying her sweetheart, and looking all sorts of gorgeous and glowing as she walked down the aisle.)

Normally, when we get together, a few things happen.

First and foremost, there’s a lot of excitement — we cheer each other on and we read each others’ words on this site, but we don’t get to spend a lot of time together in person.

When we do see each other, we catch up on health — who’s training for a tough mudder? (Roger) who’s about to try a 5K? (Meredith) who’s about to go away to Tahiti? (sadly, no one) — and eventually we settle down, pick up our pens, and decide what we want to write about.

When we’d last met, Roger had suggested that we all get together and do a pre-brainstorm workout session at his gym, Train Like a Pro.

Now, Roger is pretty modest about it, but let me just remind you — the guy played in the NFL.

He’s won a Super Bowl.

He’s fit.

He’s strong.

Those facts led to a little bit of apprehension on my part.

At one point Echelle and I had an email exchange where I wrote, “I think he’s going to try to kill us.” and Echelle responded, “EEEK! I KNOW.”

(It didn’t help that Roger wouldn’t tell us any details about what he had planned — other than, “Train hard or go home.”)

When the day finally rolled around, what Roger had planned was great fun. One of the instructors at his club led us through a spin class, then Roger and his business partner, Darryl Wren (also former NFL), led us through a bootcamp (biceps, lunges, pullups, triceps, crunches), and then a core workout (Russian ‘V’s, scissors, lots of other Pilates-type movements).

Pure Matters Blogger Meetup

I am so sweaty.

It was tough, everyone broke a sweat, but everyone survived, and we’re all just a little bit fitter now.

Post-class, we enjoyed lunch at Morton’s and did our usual planning session — and I promise you that we’ve got some great, creative, and inspirational posts coming your way this fall. Stay tuned!

In the meantime … do you have ideas about activities the Pure Matters bloggers should try next time we get together? I’d love to hear them.


Better Than Bulgaria

September 10, 2008 § 2 Comments

I have very little to report, but I thought I’d just quickly mention that this site was kindly featured in the Houston Chronicle’s ‘Good Mom Bad Mom’ blog this past Sunday. So, that was kind of cool — and welcome to all of the people who stopped by because of that. I know I don’t have time to update often, but I like to think that when I do it’s quality stuff, like the kind you can only get downtown.

In other related news about me (I’m saying this tongue-in-cheek, mind you), a freelance gig I worked on in conjunction with Glam and Levi’s is now live. There’s this fun quiz I wrote over a few glasses of wine as well as this fall fashion advice guide. I didn’t get a byline on either, but I think the amount of featured items I own from the fashion piece (two and counting) are proof enough.

Aside from that, our fall hockey season started on Sunday. Scott and I are playing on the same team now, which means I am playing at a higher competition level than I should be, which means I have a tremendous amount of performance anxiety about our games. We lost the first on Sunday, 9-6 (after leading 4-3 at the half), and won our second on Tuesday night 6-2. If nothing else, I know I will never give up 82 goals in one single game.

That is all.

I’d Stand Up and Punch Them Out

July 22, 2008 § 2 Comments

I have been busy with working, at the real workplace and also on a fall fashion project I took on to allow myself to indulge in fall fashion. (Actually, that’s a lie; the freelance cash is all going toward a cleaning service, which will improve my life exponentially.)

Other things that have been happening, which may or may not have been Twittered about already, I can’t remember:

–Scott did his final presentation of his thesis, which went well — now it’s just a matter of collecting his diploma, but he’s done with his masters. The same day, I got an unexpected promotion at work. We went out to a fancy restaurant to celebrate, and aside from the wine list and skanky Tila-Tequila lookalike sitting next to us, it was awful. The only food I enjoyed the whole night was the cheese plate … and that was “dessert.”

–I planned a whole big surprise for Scott, involving secret instructions and a mysterious 5:30 p.m. “appointment” … it was really tickets to see ‘The Dark Knight’ in iMax, but I made it seem like a much bigger deal. At the prescribed time when he was supposed to leave work and meet me, he discovered his car had been broken into (which was not, as BetheBoy suggested and Scott momentarily thought, actually the surprise). Stereo was gone, cell phone was gone. We filed a police report, bought him a new cell phone, and missed the movie. Of course making the insurance claim is more costly than replacing everything outright. We might be getting ahead, but it’s in fits and starts.

–I didn’t really think Christian Bale was hot until I read that he roughed up his mom. Now that is what I call hot.

–I caught a sinus infection. Am now on antibiotics.

–My Dad’s birthday is on Thursday. It’s pretty much a guarantee around any holiday or celebration that when I ask him what he’d like, he’ll say nothing, and then I get him movie passes. This time, I suggested that maybe I’d make him a mix CD, and either I’d pick songs for him (I was thinking hits from ’74 and ’77, the years his kids were born), but he asked if he could send me a list of songs. He listens to the radio at work and writes down the song title and artist of anything he hears that he likes, so of course I said yes, and this list, it seriously makes me want to squeeze him so hard — it’s adorable. Actually, let’s put it this way: I now know that my love of Fergie, Pink, Liz Phair and Fontella Bass is at least partially genetic.

I think that’s all. More regular updates to resume once freelance gig is put to bed. But, in the meantime, if you’re bored, here are some other articles I’ve written recently: some advice about having sex after you have kids, some advice about being a good stepmom, and some really cheap ways to give gifts.

Oh, and one more thing … where does this little corner of the Internet come down on current Wired cover-girl Julia Allison? I, for one, am very pro, for no other reason than I have a soft spot for the media savvy, those people who take magazines and the internet and even wee little bloggers like me and wrap them around their pinkies (I also have a secret love for Heidi and Spencer, having never seen an episode of ‘The Hills’ — those photos of them with guns were straight out of ‘Glamorama’). Anyway. Love? Hate? Never heard of her?

Other Crap I’ve Written Recently

February 9, 2008 § 3 Comments

Best 8(15) Episodes of ‘Lost’
I like ‘Lost,’ a lot, but this took a crazy amount of time and research to pull together. And even after doing all that research, I’ve got no bloody idea what’s going on.

IFLTS: ‘The General Specific,’ by Band of Horses
I fear Scott is going to throw both iPods and the Apple TV off the balcony if I play this song one more time. I would be sad but unsurprised. I am P-U-S-H-I-N-G it with this one.

Live Blogging: Super Bowl Ads
Clearly, I enjoy live blogging. Doing it for Fan House — where there’s an amazingly active community of commenters talking back to you, real-time, was pretty damn fun.

Other Things There Will Be, In Addition to Blood
This is a gimme.

Also, I bet Scott wishes he had taken this bet. You could’ve been $20 richer, huzzie! (No, I don’t call him ‘huzzie regularly; in fact, I’ve never used that word before, but I might start now.)

What the Moral of the Back Story Could Be

November 26, 2007 § 2 Comments

So, it’s obviously been a long time since I’ve written to the Colonel, but I feel like this time — this time, at least — I’ve kind of got an excuse (hello, wedding!). And, in the interest of full disclosure, this post will probably be followed by another long drought.

Two things happened in the past five weeks that I felt like I should mention.

First, an ad exec from Young & Rubicam contacted me about this video, which is of my mother, celebrating a gift she received last Christmas. Y&R was interested in using part of it for a holiday ad campaign for Sears. I’m told that if you watch certain channels right now, particularly TBS and Lifetime, you will on occasion see my mother in this Sears ad (I have yet to see it). The best part is, they issued her a SAG card, and she gets residual checks, and she has turned into a total diva. And also, she keeps talking about how the strike is affecting her paychecks, and no matter how many times I explain to her that NO IT ISN’T, she will not listen.

The other thing that happened, which is even cooler, is that Glam asked me to appear in a new Web show they were launching, called The Hot Pink List. I spent a day in NYC on set, taping my comments and waiting for Eve — who was also on the show — to arrive. Eventually, I had to leave to catch the train back to DC, and I crossed paths with Eve in the elevator. Because, you know, that’s how I roll these days … sharing elevators with celebrities (NO I DON’T). Anyway — being on set, taping in front of cameras, in front of a green screen, telling snarky jokes and then hearing directors and producers and sound guys try not to laugh, getting miked up and burping a lot — it was among the top five most fun days of my life. Amazing to experience, and just crazy fun. If you feel like watching, here’s Part I and Part II of the movies list. The TV and Music lists haven’t launched yet, but I love myself so I’ll post them when they do.

So, yeah, it’s been an interesting five weeks. And in less than two weeks, I’ll be a Mrs. Busy times. More sooner or later.

Not Gossip Girl

Another Mini-Piece Up at

August 15, 2007 § 3 Comments


Backslash end shameless self-promotion.

Me, Elsewhere

April 10, 2007 § 9 Comments

Sometimes I write things in other places, with my actual real name attached and stuff (which was partly the reason I restarted this site, on the up-and-up honest-to-Betsy with my real name and such — and also partly not the reason at all.) So, anyway, here are a few of those things.

IFLTS: Regina Spektor, ‘Fidelity’ (In my defense, I didn’t choose the photo. Sorry, Regina.)

Other Poll Questions That May One Day Appear on an Unnamed Internet News Website, Given Its Recently Asked Question “Have You Ever Been in an Accident Involving a Plane?” Following the Air France Crash (cowritten with my dearest friend, the Tracey, on a day when we suspect that John Warner was on vacation, or napping, or telling impoverished children Angelina Jolie was on her way to adopt them and then yelling “Fooled you!” at the last second)

IFLTS: ‘Ghostwriter,’ RJD2

Also, one of my favorite things about having my own, personal website is the freedom to laugh in the face of AP Style and call it a website. Web site is archaic, absurd, and looks asinine — and AP should update its rules.

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