I Have a Staring Problem.

June 8, 2012 § 1 Comment

I’ve been taking long, rambling walks lately.

(My list of available hobbies and activities has slimmed considerably.)

And, I can’t help it: I find myself staring.
At nearly everyone.
My mind is strangely clear and focused, and yet jumbled by distractions, and I look at you and I stare for too long.

You, you in the sharp navy dress, tottering in your sky-high black platform pumps. You look so pulled together! I wonder where you got that dress. Do you have a meeting? Do you dress that fashionably every day? Doesn’t it get exhausting? Do your feet hurt? Your hair color is perfect.

You, you girls in your workout capris and your black and neon pink Nikes and your silky straight ponytail. You’ve got that post-workout glow, and look slim and toned and adorable! Did you take yoga? Bootcamp? I hope bootcamp. Bootcamp is so fun. All those burpees! You’re so lucky!!

You, you men sipping beers and smoking cigarettes. Oh, you lucky bastards don’t have a care in the world, do you? Nothing about your daily routine has drastically changed recently, has it? And it never will!! I might scowl at you a little bit.

You, mom with the baby in the stroller. You don’t look exhausted. Aren’t you supposed to look exhausted? You look cute! How old is that baby? Four months? Eight months? I have no idea. What kind of stroller is that? Quinny, huh? And the diaper bag, maybe I’ll just try to peek at what’s in it. No, no. I’m not a thief. Just overly curious. Pampers, huh?

You, little girl in the pink flowered pants riding the razor scooter. Were you born in all-natural ways, or did it come to a C-section? When did you start sleeping through the night? Do you even sleep through the night yet? OH MY GOSH, YOU BETTER.

Don’t punch me. I’m not trying to steal from you.

I’m just curious, feeling new envy about my old ways, and chewing on new thoughts and new questions about my new ways.


§ One Response to I Have a Staring Problem.

  • Tracey says:

    I have similar inner monologues when passing people on the street. particularly the women that look SUPER pulled together. I ask all the things you do. Particularly, do you look this pulled together EVERY DAY? Oh and, do you have a bottomless wardrobe budget?

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