It’s Time for Big Props and a Wee Announcement

April 26, 2012 § 4 Comments

The props go to my husband. During the past few months, he has …

Provided endless foot massages.

Single-handed cleaned the litterbox, all by himself, day in and day out. (Ha, ha.)

Dutifully rubbed lotion onto my back every morning and night.

Cooked countless meals, some of which I suddenly couldn’t eat once they were in front of me, and some of which I immediately threw up after eating.

Happily spent long stretches of weekend afternoons at home while I caught up on the work I couldn’t do during the week because I was throwing up.

Secretly ridden his bike into Georgetown for Sprinkles cupcakes when I swore the only thing I thought I wouldn’t throw up was a cupcake. (I was right, I didn’t throw it up. [Fine. I didn’t throw them up.])

Barely blinked an eye when I would climb into bed at 7:30 at night and not move a muscle until the next morning.

Wished me goodnight from the doorway of the bedroom on the rare nights when he’d have a few beers, because I could smell those nasty hops from that far away.

Perfectly absorbed every undeserved bit of crazy, hormonal bullshit I lobbed his way.

Trucked all the cartloads and cartloads of “junk” I discovered during reverse nesting out of our place and to the thrift store.

Cheered me up after I sold the MINI for what some insensitive types knowingly and unknowingly referred to as my new “soccer mom” car.

Showed up early for every doctor appointment, held my hand through the scary parts, and only made one semi-inappropriate joke to my doctor (who made an equally semi-inappropriate joke in response).

Said incredibly touching things to me like, “I can’t wait till this baby is born, so I can finally be the one to take care of it for awhile.”

Said jokingly admonishing and completely endearing things to my abdomen like, “You are being a terrible burden on your mother! Stop making her so tired! And stop making her puke”

I’ve barely scratched the surface of all the ways I’ve leaned on Scott recently, but I know I wouldn’t have survived the first few months of pregnancy without him. And I know the only way I’ll get through the next many years of parenthood is with him. I’m so grateful, and so lucky, in so many ways.

(Baby arrives in late October, or ideally, as I told my doctor, early November. [The birthstones are better!] And yes I know that by 35 weeks I’ll be begging to be induced, it’s a joke, people.)

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