Girl Scout Cookies Are $4 a Box!

February 20, 2012 § 1 Comment

Which is why, when a coworker brought his daughter to distribute boxes earlier today, and mentioned that they brought extras, I went over to her with $21 and said, “Can I have a box of Thin Mints? I’ll give you $21 so you can just give me $15 change.”

She was sweet and adorable and shy, and off I went with my Thin Mints.

Ten minutes later, I was sitting at my desk, STUFFING MY FACE with Thin Mints, and my coworker and his daughter stopped by with $2.

“You gave her $21, and she only gave you $15,” he said politely. “She got the math wrong.”

I won’t lie: I couldn’t do this math in my head, but rather than question him — I was PRETTY SURE he was wrong — I just nodded and planned to whip out my calculator later.

And then he said to his daughter: “$21 minus $15 is $17, sweetie.”
And I said: “Sadly, I did the math. I told her to give me $15 change.”
I couldn’t let this sweet little girl take the fall.
When she handed me my $2 I looked her in the eye and said, “Study hard in math class. Don’t end up really bad at math like I did.”
She nodded solemnly and walked off.

Otherwise you might end up a writer type like me, using your and you’re correctly, and stringing sentences together properly to “make stories.” Nobody wants that.


§ One Response to Girl Scout Cookies Are $4 a Box!

  • Tracey says:

    it should be stated that i scored SUBSTANTIALLY higher in math than verbal on my SATs.

    it should also be stated that it took 4-5 tries to correctly spell substantially just then.


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