The Restaurant Project: Ethiopic (December) … and The 2012 Project Is …

January 14, 2012 § Leave a comment

We got screwed in finishing up the Restaurant Project. The final stop was meant to be Ethiopic.

Little did we know, Ethiopic shuts down entirely starting in mid-December through the first week of January … so we weren’t able to finish. Out of luck, out of ideas, and, well, lazy, we ended up at Graffiato, where we made a rule that we couldn’t order anything we had ever had before — we ended up having broccolini, wild boar, and the Jersey Shore pizza.

Here’s what we learned: The dishes that are considered “great” at a restaurant got that way for a reason. (Because they’re great.) The dishes you don’t hear a lot about are under-the-radar for a reason. (Because they’re not that great.) Lesson learned: Stick to what you love.

And that’s it. It was a great year, we achieved our goal of getting out and trying different places, we fell in love with Penn Quarter, and we managed to do it all without gaining a shitload of weight.

The Restaurant Project was a success.

But we’re over it.
In 2012, there’s a new monthly event: The Concert Project.
We’ve got plans and bands and tickets lined up already for January, February, March, and April.
The first one is tonight.
First recap, soon.

We’ll also be cooking a lot more at home in 2012, because we can’t afford all that dining out and all those concert tickets. Last night we made linguine carbonara and braised and glazed Brussels sprouts (both recipes courtesy of Mark Bittman). So good, right?

Braised & Glazed Brussels Sprouts and Linguine Carbonara

Scott got a fancy camera for Christmas so expect more photos in 2012, too.

November = PS7
October = We the Pizza
September = Four Sisters
August = We Suck
July = Graffiato
June = Smith Commons
May = Lyon Hall
April = Pubbelly (Miami)
March = Volt
February = Kushi
January = Let’s not talk about it.

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