If There Is One Thing I Really, Truly, Firmly Believe in Life …

January 4, 2012 § 3 Comments

It’s that, when shopping for headphones, you cannot make an informed, accurate, confident decision unless you are able to listen to the song “Kids With Guns” by Gorillaz with the headphones under consideration.

I will argue this point to death.

Which makes it utterly ridiculous that Apple stores:

  1. Do not have that song on their “tester” iPhones and iPods.
  2. Do not allow customers to unplug the headphones and then subsequently plug them into their own, Kids-With-Guns-loaded iPhone.
  3. Allow their employees to look at you like you’re a crazy person when you try to explain how there is only one decision-making appropriate song for new headphones. HEY, YOU’RE THE ONE IN THE FAKE TORTOISESHELL GLASSES FROM FOREVER 21. YOUR VISION’S 20/20, ISN’T IT?? WHO’S THE ASSHOLE NOW???

What’s that?
You don’t charge a restocking fee?
So I could just take these home, listen to whatever I want and then mull it over for a bit?

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§ 3 Responses to If There Is One Thing I Really, Truly, Firmly Believe in Life …

  • Tracey says:

    i don’t hate this song. but it’s not the second coming or anything so relax already. (hahahahaahahahahah) have a fulfilling day!

  • shampoosolo says:

    I’m not arguing that the song is great or anything. It certainly wouldn’t make any top 10 of my life lists or anything. I’m just arguing that it is THE BEST song to listen to to judge the quality of a pair headphones. There is a big difference. The reason I am arguing this so thoroughly, with everyone, is because I am reading a Haruki Murikami book and that is how he writes his narrative, as though all the characters are very thoughtful, poised and intense and it is very important that he shares every one of their thoughts with the reader. IT IS BLEEDING INTO MY BRAIN.

  • shampoosolo says:

    Hey, another comment.

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