I Have to Return at Least 2 of These. Guilt. Which 2?

March 13, 2011 § 4 Comments

(Note: If you have a penis, you can move right along. Nothing for you to see here!)

Forces conspired today.

It hit 60 degrees.
We leave for Miami in 3 weeks.
The Target designer greatest hits collection arrived in stores.

All this reminded me of how great summer is, and, in particular, how great wearing summer dresses is. So I went to Target, and I went a little crazy. Yes. I bought A LOT of $40 dresses. Let me show you.


This collection hit stores right as Michelle Obama was wearing a lot of his designs, and this dress in particular sold out before I even had a chance to glance at the whole line online, and it never reappeared in stores.

Plus: It’s a gorgeous, gorgeous mix of prints, and so on par with Thakoon’s regular-level dresses.
Minus: It’s definitely going to be dry clean only. Like hell I’ll have the patience to iron all those pleats.

Proenza Schouler.

This line was released before I had any idea that Target was even doing these designer collaborations. Every time I’ve seen it in magazine layouts ever since, I’ve been bummed that I didn’t get it. This dress was the first one I grabbed today.

Plus: Everything here is a plus. Love the colors. Love the print. Love the navy ribbing.
Minus: It’s just the SLIGHTEST bit too big on me up top, and it isn’t something that can be tailored. So, I have decided to get breast implants. Yay!
Model Observation: I hate how she’s standing. And I hate how this was styled with black sandals. All wrong.


This one sold out before I could get to it online, or in stores. It’s such a classic Tucker print. Truly a must-have.

Plus: Everything.
Minus: I had to order this one online because it was sold out in stores. So, waiting. Boo!!
Model Observation: Sassypants stance!


I bought this exact dress in a different print when it was in stores — it’s a blue print with red flowers. I love it, and have gotten SO much wear out of it, it’s totally worth adding a second version of it to my closet.

Plus: I love the black and the big floral print — it’s so different than the blue one I already have.
Minus: Tucker sizing runs small. I don’t particularly appreciate the size I had to buy this one in to get a good fit.


This dress could not possibly be LESS Meredith. First of all, it’s white. Second, it’s fluttery. Very Stevie Nicks. The sleeves are gauzy and sheer. SO NOT ME. That said … I fell in love with it.

Plus: So perfect for drinks poolside at the Shore Club that I just couldn’t resist.
Minus: Super short. I hope everyone at the Shore Club enjoys seeing my ass.

Confession time: I also bought an Erin Fetherston and a Tracy Feith but I’ve already decided to return those.

§ 4 Responses to I Have to Return at Least 2 of These. Guilt. Which 2?

  • Patricia says:

    I vote for 4 and 5 to go back. Totally love the first one.

  • okay…. here we go.
    #1 lovelovelove. my absolute fave of the bunch. it screams meredith o’donnell rodkey. this looks fantastic on you, i’m sure.
    #2 this dress is super cute. i was surprised you picked this out until i saw the navy piping. i bet these colors looks really good and i bet the make up you will wear with it will be awesome too. (agreed about the shoes. all kinds of wrong.)
    #3 i love the pink of this dress. so cute! i haven’t seen you in this color much so am excited to see you rock it.
    #4 i love this dress. love the cut and think it’ll look really pretty on you. question: is the blue one you got navy blue? does it look super similar to this one? or is it more royal?
    #5 i was very surprised when i scrolled down and saw this dress. you’re right — it’s very un-you! BUT it’s VERY cute and VERY miami and might be the perfect FUN thing to wear while on vacation and out of your ‘safe’ zone.

    bottom line: keep ’em all.

    additional thoughts:
    – won’t it be fun when i can join you on these excursions?
    – i love the new blog theme
    – yes, i realize this isn’t a personal email but a comment on a blog.

    • shampoosolo says:

      Honestly I’m pretty sure our personal emails to each other would make a really great blog all on their own. There’d be a lot of redacted names and stuff, but good material overall.

      I’m keeping them all. The other Tucker is more of a periwinkle with a microprint — so they are different enough. I neglected to mention that I also bought a cheap maxi dress at Target (I hate maxi dresses, but I’ve been wearing it with knee-high boots and an army jacket for 48 hours straight), as well as a dress at Madewell and one at J. Crew. I might have a problem.

      • you can never buy too many dresses. i really, truly believe that. i am so jealous you are having such luck right now! i’m in a dress rut.

        glad you’re keeping them all. they’re all so cute! i def want to see a pic of the peasant-y one from mia…

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