Yup, I’m the Type of Person Who Peeks in Your Medicine Cabinet

March 5, 2011 § 3 Comments

They’re almost here: Those days in the spring when days start getting longer; those days are my favorite days. Not because they signal warmer weather — they do — but because people start getting really, really excited about even the slightest hint of warm air, which leads them to throw open their front doors, their windows, and draw back the curtains long into the evening.

If you drive around at dusk at that time of year, you can peek inside, and, in an entirely non-creepy way (I promise), that is one of my favorite things to do. I love to see how people have decorated — formal, colonial, post-college IKEA, modern — and how they live. Messy, disorganized bookshelves? Kitchen full of hanging pots and pans? Huge, cozy-looking L-shaped couch? It’s all fascinating to me.

College Meredith toyed with the idea of a sociology major and finished three credits shy of an official minor — seeing the way intimate and unique way people conduct their personal lives is beyond fascinating to me. And the houses themselves are like wrapped Christmas gifts — standard square boxes that, when unwrapped, reveal themselves to be twisty and turny, sometimes gorgeous, sometimes shabby. If I was a better liar, dropping in on open houses would probably be one of my biggest pastimes.

Which leads me to this past Sunday, when some sort of flu illness nested in my lungs and forced me to spend the day on the couch, a day that will ultimately live in infamy because I discovered … HGTV.

Holy shit, Internet.

I haven’t watched anything else since. The DVR is slowly filling up with episodes of My First Place and House Hunters and House Hunters International. This entire channel — aside from the decorating shows, which I find zzzz — seems to be designed to appeal to my inner curiosity:

Here’s where these people live now (ooh, look how messy/neat/beautiful it is!). Here’s one place they are considering buying (ooooh, it has a breakfast nook and a pool!). Here’s another place they are considering buying (ooooooh, this one is TINY). And here’s the last place they are considering buying (this one has a view of the ocean!), and then, they picked ….. !!! Along the way, you see the couples — normally it’s couples — interact in, obviously, what’s a fairly stressful and unnatural situation, which means you can take educated guesses at which spouse is secretly thinking “I doubt I’ll live in this house more than a year” and “EVERYTHING I SAY IS WRONG” and “She’s stifling me” and “I wish he’d let me get another cat.”

It’s like crack.

I could go on. And on. And on. But it looks like a marathon of House Hunters International is starting. France! Cape Town! Sicily! I’ve got shows to watch and people and places to spy on.

§ 3 Responses to Yup, I’m the Type of Person Who Peeks in Your Medicine Cabinet

  • Patricia says:

    I almost cried when I received a letter from Comcast telling me that the economy poor girl’s package shouldn’t have included HGTV and that I would no longer have access. I LOVE LOVE LOVE both versions of House Hunters.

    I’ve since canceled my cable because I realized I wasn’t watching TV on my actual TV since I mostly use HULU. So imagine my delight the other day when I discovered HULU has old seasons of HH and HHI. So awesome.

    Though sometimes it drives me crazy. “House A is 250K so it’s in our budget but has no view. So went with House C which is over our budget by a gazillion dollars but we’ll wake up to a fabulous view of the ocean 10 miles away!”

    Seriously? AGHHH! Though it’s possible I might just be a jealous witch. 😀

  • The Wertis says:

    I love Househunters. We watched it obsessively as a family while we were househunting. But if you really want to see into people’s lives, try Come Dine with Me. It is a British show now available on BBC America. We were sooo happy to find it the other night that we are re-watching the season. Four random people each have to throw a dinner party. The other three dine and score the evening. Everyone hosts. Winner revealed on 4th night. How do they approach life? What’s in their closets? What do they think of each other. Mildly snarky narrator offers deflating commentary.

  • toms zapatos says:

    What’s up everyone, I know YouTube video includes fewer bytes of memory due to that its quality is poor, except this YouTube video has wonderful picture quality Yup, I’m the Type of Person Who Peeks in Your Medicine Cabinet | Shampoo Solo.

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