My 5 Most Recent Google Searches

March 1, 2011 § 4 Comments

In reverse chronological order, and for no particular reason.

1. Do cats have belly buttons?
We always make fun of Reno for having just one nipple. And then I wondered out loud, do cats have belly buttons? And Scott said: TO THE TUBES! The answer is yes, cats have belly buttons. So do dogs. And horses.

2. Video inside of dishwasher
Our dishwasher broke on Sunday. This resulted in a conversation about how dishwashers actually work. I said: The whole thing fills up with water, and then the spinny thing at the bottom shakes it all up. Scott said: The bottom few inches fill up, and the spinny thing spins, squiring water upward. Guess who was right? If you said the engineer and not the editor, you are correct.

3. cannot reserve mmio region
Someone else was obviously using my laptop here.

4. Emmanuelle Chriqui, Olivia Palermo, Whitney Port
I wasn’t sure what the difference between these three is. Actresses? Reality TV? I had no idea. I’m still not sure and am working on a theory that these are all the same person.

5. how to cheat at foursquare
I’m not proud. I also won’t deny trying. I will also admit that I can’t figure it out, so, I quit.

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