Internet, I Lied: I Made Resolutions

January 3, 2011 § 4 Comments

I didn’t mean to, but I did. There are two of them, and they happened naturally, happy little accidents that, upon further reflection, I realized wouldn’t be so hard, and would have amazing benefits if I kept to them. So, they are:

Stay in the Moment
I have a hard time with this. Always have. My mind races on to the next thing; I’m on my way to the gym but already thinking about the shower and how maybe I’ll swing by Crate and Barrel for a new tablecloth afterward, and how after that I’ll start dinner and then tonight, oh tonight I’m not sure what I want to do. This one will be hard, but I’m trying: This evening at work, I took a moment to watch the sun set over the mountains — it was gorgeous, and it made me smile. I IM’ed a coworker that she should go look at it, too. After she did, she said being told about it, and hearing that it made her smile, was the best IM she’d gotten all day.

See? It’s not so hard, but it feels so good.*

3 Things
This one is easy: Do three things every night/weekend that I’ll be happy I did the next day. See, I have a habit, especially after long days at work, to pour a glass (or three) of wine, eat cheese, and watch TV; it feels good right then, but it never makes me feel very good the next day. I’m not always going to not do that (I don’t have the strength of character to abstain like some amazing people do); but I’m going to supplement wine and cheese with the 3 happy-making things. And, like I said, it’s easy — tonight those things are doing a load of laundry, writing this post, breaking my favorite handbag out of the closet for its winter debut, reading a few chapters of The Wave, and spending time with Scott. That’s five! Things like dinner with a friend, packing a lunch, playing with Indy, going to the gym count will too. See? It’s not hard at all.*

I’m also signing up for more Pilates classes but let’s not get carried away, people. I’m always going to be lazy.

*That’s what she said.

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§ 4 Responses to Internet, I Lied: I Made Resolutions

  • wordfodder says:

    I like these two resolutions: I might have to steal them, although I always give myself some ‘leeway’ because I don’t want to feel bad when I inevitably fail…or slip!
    Now…I am supposed to be writing an essay so I will ‘stay in the moment’ and get back to it.
    Like your blog!

  • hemal says:

    where is the like button on this shit? like!

  • betheboy says:

    Nothing wrong with a glass or two of wine but if it’s making you feel less than our best than maybe trying something else will make you feel a little better. My reasons for making this change are a little more complicated and my history with this has been messy but the reasons why don’t matter. I know it’s a tough switch but it just takes some adjusting, you can do it. As for me I have been running to fill the time.

  • dam3et 2ontha says:

    Your post really made me giggle, that is so how I am too 😀
    So hard to force your body to do things that is good for it rather than things it wants to do to make it feel good “whatever that means” 😀

    P.S notice the “it” referring since it is not our brains 🙂

    Happy new year


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