Introducing Indiana Leibovitz

December 30, 2010 § Leave a comment

By far the best gift exchanged at Christmas this year was the Pet’s Eye View camera. (Don’t buy it, it’s a total piece of shit.)

Not surprisingly: Our cats do pretty much jack shit all day long.
But surprisingly: Our cats have hidden talents.

Reno, for example, was only allowed to wear the camera once, because as soon as Scott put it on him, he darted to the bedroom, where I was getting dressed after a shower. Yup, Reno took nude photos of me.

Hidden talent: Pornographer.
(Given how often he humps Indy, maybe this shouldn’t be all that surprising.)

Indy, on the other hand, took a few decent photos during her first round. For example:

"I wish I could climb that tree." --Indy

"I wish I was sitting in that lap." -- Indy


Unfortunately, that excellent first round made her a little too proud. She made us buy her a ton of professional equipment, and she’s now working part time for Vanity Fair, staging elaborate shoots with Hollywood’s Next ‘It’ Girls and Boys, as well as the cast of Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson and an ad campaign for Marc Jacobs starring Luisa Bianchin and Andrej Pejic. Sadly, she decided to also buy the condo next door to us and begin huge renovations, and she’s already fallen behind on the payments.

She’ll probably go back to being a cat as soon as she runs out of film, which should happen in about 5 seconds since none of this is true.

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