Tom Hardy: Best of 2010 … Everything Else

December 27, 2010 § 2 Comments

There’s no denying it — 2009 was all about Chris Pine. He got dethroned in midsummer, when Inception hit theaters. Somewhere during my second viewing of that movie (which I consider Best Movie of 2010, though I saw about 3 movies total all year, and the others were Just Wright and Unstoppable so … not a huge accomplishment there, Inception, don’t get too full of yourself), I realized: Wow, that Eames guy is incredibly attractive. Where Pine’s got that nice-guy-you-could-bring-home-to-mom vibe, Hardy is a tattooed bad ass who seems like he’d hit on your mom if you left them together in a room together for too long. Dangerous is a nice change of pace.

And I’m not the only one who noticed: He got signed to about a billion new movies in the second half of the year, including This Means War … in which he’ll star with Chris Pine. Pretty sure I have plans for the Friday night that movie comes out in theaters.

Not buying Tom Hardy? Check this:

I have no idea where that photo came from, but I’m forever indebted to the sender. I mean, if you’re a woman, your ovaries probably hurt just looking at that. Mine do.

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