The Hunger Games: Best of 2010 … Everything Else

December 26, 2010 § 5 Comments

Yes, it’s true: I devoured a three-part young adult series that prominently features a who-will-she-choose love triangle. I didn’t expect to enjoy it it nearly as much as I did, but I bought the first book in The Hunger Games trilogy on our first day in Hawaii. A few chapters in, I bought the second and the third because I knew I had to read the full story, fast — and I’d nearly finished all three by the time vacation was over.

When these start getting made into films, the comparisons to Twilight are inevitable. You’ve got a female character torn between two strong male characters, so yes, there’s that similarity, but the books completely diverge from there (I’m guessing; I haven’t actually read the Twilight books). The Hunger Games are one part reality TV (think Big Brother crossed with Survivor), one part On the Beach, and one part Star Wars — in a post-apocalyptic world run by the mysterious Capitol, the surviving Districts must send two Tributes into an arena where they fight to the death … broadcast live on TV. Katniss Everdeen has her moments of brooding inaction, but for the most part, she’s deep with emotion and she will kick your ass. I’m honestly not sure how they’re going to make the books into films — they are designed to be about the horrors and fallout of war, and so they are graphically violent and punishing. The ending of the final book left me sobbing, and so gutted that I had to take a weeklong break from reading.

Was it worth it? Yes.

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§ 5 Responses to The Hunger Games: Best of 2010 … Everything Else

  • Ben says:

    I’ve read both series (cuz I’m a 14 year old girl) and The Hunger Games is the far better of the two. Where Twilight finds a nice, clean (and somewhat creepy) way to solve the love triangle where no one gets hurt, the outcome in THG is much more realistic complete with hurt feelings and regret. Comparing the endings is similar as well: Twilight’s comes out nice and clean, while THG is messier and therefore more realistic and engaging. Also, Katniss is a fully realized character while Bella is an empty shell for 14 year old girls (like me!) to put themselves into.

    I read Stephanie Myers’ other book, The Host, as well. It’s also far better than the Twilight series, but suffers from the same too-clean, everyone-wins type of ending. She actually ends it perfectly, but then gives you 3 blank pages and adds an epilogue that ruins it. I recommend people read it, but to stop at the first ending. I do the same with the last episode of Lost.

  • Ben says:

    I also wonder how they’ll make them into films. They’re just so brutal throughout. To do them right, they’ll have to forsake their young adult audience.

    • Meredith says:

      Yes! It’ll be so hard to make these into movies — some of the scenes are so brutal, particularly in Mockingjay. That said, I will definitely be in line to see them.

      • Ben says:

        Me too–especially if they forsake their young adult audience and give their old adult audience the brutality we need to make us feel anything again. 🙂

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