Blueprint Cleanse: Best of 2010 … Everything Else

December 24, 2010 § 1 Comment

I’m not the most healthful person. Aside from a brief month-long dalliance with a personal trainer in the summer, I pretty much avoid the gym. A perfect dinner as far as I’m concerned involves a glass of wine and some cheese.

When a coworker suggested that we try Blueprint Cleanse — which involves drinking nothing but 6 juices a day — I signed up for Foundation, but was concerned about being able to follow the strict rules. (You also have to prep for three days before by eating nothing but fruits and veggies, as well as for three days afterward. No protein. No dairy. No alcohol.) I figured I’d last four hours, max.

But, surprisingly enough — I loved it. By the last day, I was kiss-strangers happy, clear-headed, well-rested, well-fed, focused, and five pounds lighter (though weight loss isn’t the point, it’s certainly a benefit … all my jeans fit again!). I was so sad when I finished drinking my last juice — even the intimidating green juice is so tasty, I still crave it now and then. I think the reason I loved this cleanse is because it removes all thinking — you know exactly what and when your next meal is; left to make my own decisions, I don’t always make the wisest choices (mmm, cupcakes). The only bad thing — the company is based in N.Y.C., so it’s pricey, particularly to get your juices delivered overnight.

That said … I’m doing Foundation again in early January and I can’t wait.

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