What the World Needs Now: TV Crossover Episodes

November 26, 2010 § 2 Comments

It’s getting colder outside, which means more time inside, wrapped in blankets in front of the TV. Scott and I tend to be active participants in TV watching — a half hour show takes at least one hour to watch, hour-long shows are the same time investment as a movie, because there is a lot of pausing for commentary, jokes, critiques, and compliments.

One of the biggest topics of conversation is crossover episodes. I’m obsessed. I want one — I want some very specific ones. I realize there’s a lot of coordination involved, not to mention politics, but this does not deter my ongoing wishful thinking disguised as brainstorming.

Here are the top three crossover episodes I’d like to see. Make it happen, networks.

1. Burn Notice / White Collar Crossover Episode
Burn Notice White Collar

This is the one I want most — rumors of it coming together circulated about a year ago, but it turned out to just be for a network promo (which was very funny):

Total pumpfake. So — could a crossover episode real ever happen? Let’s break it down:

In Its Favor: We know that Fiona was in N.Y.C. before returning to Miami, so in theory, she could’ve crossed paths with Neal years ago. Even more important — the creators of both shows are reportedly friends, and cross-pollination has already happened between the writing staffs. With both shows on USA, this one is definitely in the realm of possibility.
Working Against It …: Both main characters are, by design, stuck in a place they’re physically not able to leave — Michael to Miami, Neal to a two-mile radius in N.Y.C. While it could work with the supporting cast, we’d likely never see the main characters on screen together. (For the record, I’m 100% OK with that.)

2. Community / 30 Rock Crossover Episode
30 Rock Community
I know, I know — this one’s pretty obvious. But given that these are my two favorite 30-minute sitcoms, who can fault me for wanting to see a cast mashup? That’s right. No one. So could it happen?

In Its Favor: Same network, same night of the week, some familiarity already between the two casts. (I’m sure Joel McHale and Tina Fey got chummy prepping for the Glee-inspired Emmys opening, and I’m sure Jon Hamm talked up 30 Rock to Alison Brie on the set of Mad Men.)
Working Against It …: It’s a long way from Greendale, Ohio to Rockefeller Plaza. It might feel clunky to force the two shows together — though, might I suggest a community college field trip? I would honestly pay cash money to see Annie try to have a conversation with Tracy, or for Britta to discover that she and Ceri are long-lost cousins.

3. Real Housewives of … Crossover Episode OR Season

How has Andy Cohen not thought of this yet? This is exactly what Bravo needs to do to stir up some serious shenanigans on a few of its franchises. Just off the top of my head, the network could …

    –Send Nene to Washington, D.C. She’ll succeed where Mary, Linda, and Cat have failed by putting the Salahis in their place. In one episode, I bet.

    — Send Ramona Anywhere: As I’ve pointed out previously, she’d automatically be the craziest one in any city but New York.

    — Add Lisa H. to the Beverly Hills Cast: She’s living in L.A. now, right? I love Lisa. I miss Lisa. And if there’s one thing the Beverly Hills cast is missing, it’s a down-to-earth woman — not to mention an athlete’s wife. Lisa would bring all that, plus a nice dose of shut-the-fuck-up to the snippy conversations.

    — Send Camille to N.Y.C.: Sure, her and Kelsey Grammar have split and he’s got a new woman … perfectly setting the stage for awkward, angry encounters at Seraphina. Plus, I would die to see Camille and Kelly attempt to have a conversation. Time might stop.

In Its Favor: I’m pretty sure Andy Cohen can make anything happen.
Working Against It …: Something tells me the ladies wouldn’t exactly be willing to pick up and move to a whole new city.

Your turn … what TV crossover episodes are you dying to see?

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