Photos Truly Speak 1,000 Words

October 24, 2010 § 1 Comment


This dynamic lead, from, has been driving me crazy recently. I’m used to emotional manipulation in ads … but kittens?

Kittens is going too far.

I mean, the message of this ad is great: You can use Skype to show your husband your new kitten while he’s away on a business trip! (Que Don Draper: What is Skype, but a means to keep families and friends connected? A traveling father. A soldier away at war. Seeing a loved ones face … from thousands of miles away … provides an emotional conn … Hey, let’s make out.)

Let’s unpack this DL a little bit.

The husband looks tremendously pleased and awed by OH MY GOD WHAT A CUTE KITTEN, his expression will soon change. He’s going to realize: It’s happening again. Every time he goes away, it happens. He’s away, she gone and gotten another kitten, just like the time he was in St. Louis and she just had to take in that pug she found tied up outside the pet store. She doesn’t even ask his opinion. They just show up. Slowly, SLOWLY, his face crumbles into dismay when he realizes, yes, she’s keeping it. That’s not going to be a foster kitten that visits for a little bit and then finds a happy home. He begins to realize that the Skype window represents only a tiny view into what’s happening in his home. Clearly, the other four cats she’s already taken in are not in view. It just won’t stop. Seconds after this moment, he whispers: “I want a divorce.”

Or, maybe, just maybe, my imagination ran away with me. Maybe they’re really members of a cult, and she found their next sacrifice.

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