Let’s Breathe Some Air Into the Room, Shall We?

August 15, 2010 § 1 Comment

I’m having a rough couple of weeks. Rather than focusing on the bad, let’s think positively. Here are 8 things I really, really like right now.

1. Lucienne Day. If you live in DC, go to the Textile Museum in Dupont Circle before September 12 to check out the Art by the Yard: Women Design Mid-Century Britain exhibit. It focuses almost exclusively on Lucienne Day, who was one of the pivotal textile designers following the country’s devastation in World War II — she also was groundbreaking in that she designed witty, playful fabrics, and she drew inspiration from Calder and Miro, so it’s more like an art exhibit than anything. (Speaking as someone who has a habit of buying fabrics and framing them, it was fascinating to me to see the influence she’s obviously had on current design. I’m hoping someone like Gwen Stefani will see this exhibit and decide to reinvigorate her designs — the museum is selling less than a yard of fabric for something like $350. Too steep for me.) You can get see a good sampling of her designs here.

2. Julian McCullough. This guy’s been doing videos with Asylum for awhile now, but I didn’t quite realize how funny he was until we saw him do standup at the Drafthouse a few weeks ago. He’s currently in the hospital recovering from appendicitis but you should follow him on Twitter (@julezmac) and keep your eyes peeled for his Comedy Central special. And, of course, you should watch this:

(Bonus: You get to peek inside the fancy N.Y.C. AOL offices. J. Crew is headquartered in the same building!)

3. The Black Keys. Holy shit, ‘Brothers’ has been on repeat here all summer long. You probably already have it. It’s so good, right? I was taking a Pilates class a few weeks ago, and the instructor had put ‘Everlasting Light’ on her mix, and when it started, I said, out loud, mid-plank: “I fucking LOVE this song.” Sorry, fellow Pilates-goers! I have a potty mouth!

4. The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee. This site is certainly not a new discovery, but, it’s made me smile a few times during the past few weeks, and I’m grateful for that.

5. My New iPhone 4. Have two glasses of wine and then wander into the Georgetown Apple store, and this is what happens: You walk out with a gadget you probably didn’t need and another monthly bill. But: It takes such nice photos!

6. Gravelly Point. The fastest way to feel like you’re on ‘Lost,’ or that you’re about to die. We keep ending up there on weekend afternoons; the danger and the delicate balance of it all makes me feel centered.

7. DERP. The newest, most overused non-word in my vocabulary.

8. This Guy.
This Guy Dominates

Seriously. Rock.

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