I’m Proud of Ali Fedotowsky for Leaving ‘The Bachelor’

February 9, 2010 § 3 Comments

Yes, I watch The Bachelor — I got sucked into it a few weeks back. In last night’s “shocker,” contestant Ali Fedotowsky left the show after being given an ultimatum by her company: Either return to work or leave her job. After many tears, she chose her job, and exited the show, leaving bachelor Jake Pavelka left to choose from 3 other not-quite-as-good-as-Ali ladies.

After a bit of post-show research, it looks like Ali works at Facebook (that’s what I’ve gleaned from her personal Twitter account — assuming that is actually her, that’s where she worked in July). So most likely, when she quit The Bachelor and left Jake Pavelka last night because she needed to go back to her job, that job was working at Facebook.

I’m sad she left — because she was my favorite, and on some level I’m pretty sure Jake adored her, despite how quickly he picked himself up, brushed himself off, and downed some champagne with the remaining 3 women — but at the same time, I’m immensely proud of her.


For choosing independence, for choosing to be self-sufficient, and for choosing, ultimately, herself. In the landscape of reality TV dating shows, Ali — despite her waffling and waterworks — strikes me as a very, smart girl (so smart, in fact, that I often wondered why the hell she’d volunteered for the show in the first place). Sure, some romantics may complain that she choose her job over a shot at love, and WHAT ABOUT LOVE — but I’m a firm believer that love, whenever it’s meant to be, will end up finding her, without Chris Harrison or a director or a camera crew tagging along.

So, bravo to you, Ali Fedotowsky, for choosing yourself and a future you engineered for yourself vs. choosing to wait, idly, and hope to be the one Jake chose. I’m super proud of you.

(I’m also curious to see if there’s any kind of boo-Facebook, why’d you make her leave backlash.)

Update: Facebook is now saying they didn’t force Ali to leave the show, and Popeater has theorized that the whole thing is staged — and that Ali will be back next week. Meanwhile, Tracey summarized the whole thing better than I did: ‘You definitely don’t leave a job at Facebook for some douchebag.’

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