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July 9, 2009 § 3 Comments

In the summer, the sun comes up earlier and I wake up earlier. School is out so I can leave the house a little earlier; normally I have to wait out dropoffs at the nearby high school before I can leave the house. Schedules are a little looser and pressure is a little lighter, so I don’t feel guilty getting to my desk a little later than normal.

These three factors lead me to stop at Starbucks before work on summer mornings. Some days I’m not even tired, I don’t even need the jolt of caffeine, but the routine and the morning indulgence give me the tiniest pleasure.

I’ve gone there every morning this week. I order the same thing every time — a grande iced coffee, unsweetened, with the tiniest bit of room for a splash of half and half. The past three mornings, the same guy has been behind me in line, and the past three mornings, he has ordered the exact same drink as me.

Were I a single woman living in an urban area, and were this man of a stature closer to Ryan Reynolds than Ray Romano, this would be a perfect, PERFECT romantic-comedy plot.

Scott and I spent the bulk of the morning imagining meet-cute ways these two characters could interact:

— New barista is behind the counter one morning. She doesn’t recognize our male lead. He orders “The usual” but she looks at him blankly. Our female lead, who is behind him in line, blurts out “Grande iced unsweetened with just a little bit of room, silly!” and then looks mortified when he glances back at her. Perhaps she can even totter out of the story in some ridiculously trendy and pricey designer stilettos.
— Toward the movie’s end, our female lead is running late for work. Our male lead is next in line, but about 10 people separate them. He’s just placed his order, but after glancing over his shoulder and seeing her walk through the door (something tells me it’s raining, her umbrella broke, and she’s soaking wet and flustered), he turns back to the barista and says, “Actually, make that 2.”

There were more, but these were my two favorites. We are going to start casting this blockbuster early next week. I’m thinking Isla Fisher for the female lead, Chris Pine for the male lead. Unless you had a better idea.

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