Now I (Still) Walk With a Limp

May 7, 2009 § 4 Comments

I had my first post-op surgery appointment today, and if there’s anything this whole process has proved, it’s that I am not good at the sight of blood, especially my own. (The first time Scott helped me removed all my bandages so I could shower, I took one look at the incisions, broke out in a cold sweat, ripped off my shirt, said “Quick, get me a trash can” and parted ways with my breakfast.)

Today’s appointment was a lot of pressing and poking and “Does this hurt” and “YES” and then more pressing and poking. It was exhausting. And then the surgeon — who really, truly is amazing and awesome and so amazingly nice — was really excited today to show me some photos from inside my knee during the procedure.

The first one I saw was just white — glossy, shiny white. And, from what I remember, the conversation went something like this:

Surgeon: So this is inside your knee, the back of your kneecap. Looks good right?
Me: Uhhhh…
Surgeon: Are you going to pass out?
Me: Uhhh…
Scott: I think she’s going to pass out.
Surgeon: Yup, she’s going to pass out. Lay back! Lay back!

For the record, I did not pass out. But I did come very close.

Meanwhile, I am improving. I have my first physical therapy appointment tomorrow — my parents are driving four hours to take me to it, because Scott has a meeting and they wouldn’t hear of me taking a cab to it (seriously, how can we possibly not have any unemployed friends to help out?) — which is the big concern now, because I have, over the past six or eight weeks, lost the majority of full bending and straightening ability in my right leg. I won’t be cleared to drive until I get a good bit of that mobility back, and I will be on crutches for at least six weeks, maybe longer, with full 100% recovery at three months, at the earliest. On the bright side — handicapped parking! On the down side: While it’s too early to announce my official retirement from hockey, if I’m completely honest with myself, it’s unlikely. I cannot imagine going through all this again — it’s easy enough, and fun enough, to swim and lift weights and go to the gym like regular people do. We’ll see, though.

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