Happy 10th Birthday

May 5, 2009 § 1 Comment

Indiana Mousekowitz turns 10 today. My gift to her was spending the entire day on the couch, my lap available whenever she wanted to snooze on me, my hands available whenever she wanted some petting. I think she figured out, though, that I’ve been at home and on the couch non-stop for five days straight now, because she’s starting to ask what else I got her.

Indy’s usual perch, directly above where I’m resting (so she can keep an eye on me) and directly below a floor lamp (so she can stay toasty warm).

In honor of her birthday, I’m going to share the letter I wrote to the local humane society where I adopted her. I’d been meaning to write it for years and years, and I finally sent it off to them a few weeks ago — 10 years seems like a nice time to have finally checked it off the list.

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is now almost 10 years overdue, but I’ve written it in my head frequently during the past decade. In the fall of 1999, I moved to the Northern Virginia area, a fresh graduate of Penn State University, with not much in my possession besides a degree and a nine-month-old gray tabby named Reno. Together we moved into a rented townhouse, and Reno quickly let me know that he was bored, and that he needed a feline friend.

I came to the Humane Society shelter on a Saturday morning, purely looking for another young companion cat for Reno. I met a little black kitten named Montana who seemed perfect – their names fit perfectly together! – but before going downstairs to fill out the paperwork, I popped into one last room to peek at two kittens, a pair of siblings named Vincent and Debra. I sat down on the floor to greet them; Vincent was shy, but Debra climbed into my lap, put her tiny front paws on my chest, and began nuzzling me. Needless to say, she came home with me less than an hour later. Penn State was playing Indiana in football that day, and I quicky realized – the name Debra didn’t seem to suit her, but Indiana sure did. Reno was thrilled to meet her, and the two quickly became the best of friends.

While I walked into the shelter that Saturday simply looking for a companion for Reno, I found so much more. During the past 10 years, Indiana (who quickly became Indy) has been a love monster, my constant companion (she’s sitting on my lap, nuzzling my chin as I write this) and my absolute best friend (don’t tell any of my human best friends I think that). I am forever grateful that your organization raised her, loved her, gave her a chance and ultimately brought us together – my life has been filled with love, joy and laughter (for a cat, Indy is a bit of a klutz) thanks to her, and you, so, as thanks, I am including with a donation of [redacted]. I hope you can use it to care for another cat that will bring happiness into its owner’s life the way Indy has mine.

With Utmost Gratitude,

Meredith R

Happy birthday, Miss Mousekowitz. To many, many more.

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