I Am Pulling for Lindsay Lohan

April 19, 2009 § 2 Comments

Here is the deal.

Lindsay Lohan right now is, if you read the tabloids and the 185,971 gossip blogs, a broken-hearted alcoholic drug-user stalker who can’t get a job (which, given the current economic state, is probably not that unusual of a situation).

The problem I have with the world’s overall opinion on Lindsay, however, is that I think she’s talented.

Granted, I draw that conclusion based almost entirely on her performances in Just My Luck (which I actually saw long before I realized what an amazing piece of man candy Chris Pine is, and have watched repeatedly since), in which she is funny, cute, and entirely watchable, and her Funny or Die eHarmony video (I can’t figure out how the hell to embed video in WordPress, so you’ll have to go watch it here if you somehow haven’t seen it yet). I dare you to watch both and not walk away with a similar opinion.

There is absolutely no reason she couldn’t be cast in the parts actresses like Katherine Heigl (blech), Jennifer Aniston (meh) and Hayden Panettiere (gag) are getting left and right. She’s a perfect comedic leading actresses, and, even better, I think a role in a superhero-type flick — one that requires her to get buff and work out non-stop — would be incredibly healing for her.

So, all the Hollywood studio executives and industry types who read this blog — yes, I watch my IP addresses, I know you’re out there Mr. A. H. and Mr. S. S. and Ms. N. R. — go ahead and do something brave. Cast Lindsay.

I for one will buy a ticket, and I have at least one friend (cough Tracey cough) who’ll come with me to the theater.

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§ 2 Responses to I Am Pulling for Lindsay Lohan

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  • greeneyedgirlier says:

    I couldn’t agree more with this post. I think she is cute, talented, and one of the few younger-ish actresses who seem to understand the effect of good comedic timing. (Yes, I just gave her mad comedy props…)

    And I agree about Katherine Hiegl. I’d rather watch Lindsay in every role she’s ever had.

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