When You Got (the Opposite of) a Sentimental Heart, OR I Might Be Ill, Please Tell Me I’m Not

November 25, 2008 § 2 Comments

‘Do you ever have those moments in life … When you, like, catch yourself in a moment … and you’re saying, wait, I’m happy here in the moment?’
–Ben Stiller, Reality Bites

That line stuck with me when I first saw ‘Reality Bites’ in college — I feel like it stuck with a lot of people I knew back then — because it was so spot on. We’ve all had those moments, right? That line was monumental in a way because I don’t know that anyone in pop culture had articulated that phenomenon (is it a phenomenon? It is. I just decided.) before.

That said — has anyone ever had one of those moments in life where you step outside yourself, and you suddenly see someone who is extremely familiar to you as if they were a complete stranger?

I have had two such moments recently, with Scott in particular.

They’ve popped up really randomly — we’ll be deep in conversation and I’ll have been staring at just him, only him, for a few minutes — and a switch will suddenly flip in my mind.

I’ll forget everything I know about him, all his likes and dislikes and all the little things I know will make him laugh, and I’ll forget all about every little thing we’ve been through together in the past years and years.
I see him just as he is, as if I’ve never met him before in my life. Like I said, like he’s a stranger.
And just like that … gone. I’ll lose it, and he’ll go back to being my Scott.

These moments make me incredibly happy — because my split-second thought process is something like “Oh my God – who is that? That’s my husband? Holy shit. I married that guy — and he’s hot! Holy shit! Really???” — and also a little bit worried because, well, does this happen to other people or am I getting early Alzheimers?

Chime in, please … this hasn’t ever happened to just me, right?

§ 2 Responses to When You Got (the Opposite of) a Sentimental Heart, OR I Might Be Ill, Please Tell Me I’m Not

  • Heather says:

    It happens to me too – and I feel the same way. It’s scary and thrilling and wonderful and everything things all wrapped up in a split second…

  • jenB says:

    11 years of marriage and it still happens. Things about Mark still surprise me or all of a sudden I will be seriously? You hate figs? or something. I mean, I suspect he hates figs, but you know what I mean. I will sometimes be lying in bed thinking, dude, I hardly know you!

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