All I Want for Christmas Is Ten Million Dollars

October 11, 2008 § Leave a comment

One of the first things I did when we got back to Virginia was sift through the mail. The highlight, for me, was the arrival of the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book, which is always uber-ridiculous.

Imagine my surprise, when on page 82, I saw this:

“Three Chimneys will build you a stable of 12-15 thoroughbreds and with your input will train them, house them, select races, enter them in races, provide you a personal racing concierge, and manage the entire enterprise for you for the next four years. As the owner, you get to name your stable and any unnamed horses, design your own silks, attend races, pose for pictures, give quotes to the media … and keep all the purses and trophies.”

Price: $10,000,000.00

What follows are 10 pages of model and product shots clearly taken around Three Chimneys — one, I suspect, is just outside the stall of either Dynaformer or Good Reward. Probably the latter, given the former’s thirst for blood.

Needless to say, I know what I want for Christmas.

(If racing isn’t your thing, you can also buy the turf from one end zone at Texas Stadium — for only $500,000 — or a collection of 18,400 records, the top 100 Billboard hits from 1955 to 1990 — for a paltry $275,000. What financial crisis?)

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