We Are Leaving for Lexington Soon

October 5, 2008 § 1 Comment

Me: I was reading an article today about the worst places for a breakup.
Him: What were they?
Me: Anywhere in private, basically. And at the other person’s office.
Him: You know where I heard is a perfect place to break up with someone?
Me: No?
Him: Kentucky.

According to the Mister, our marriage was due for a good, long road trip, so on Monday morning we are piling into the MINI and driving to Kentucky, which I am told is about an eight- to ten-hour drive. Once there, we plan on visiting museums, shopping for antiques, and touring equal numbers of horse farms (a friend of a friend got us behind-the-scenes tours at Three Chimneys [where Big Brown will eventually retire to stud, and where Smarty Jones is now] and Gainesway [where Afleet Alex, and my personal all-time fave, Tapit, are retired]) and wineries (the biggest one in the area, apparently, is called Talon, so we’ve brought Napoleon Dynamite out of storage). I’m honestly a little nervous about going back to Kentucky, but after much thought and much talk and much indecision, we finally arrived at the conclusion that we deserved a take-two. I’ll be Twittering from the road, and back to my regular schedule of “no posting for three weeks and then three posts in one day” next week.

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