I Have No Doubt I Will Tell My Grandchildren This Story

October 4, 2008 § Leave a comment

I have two creative meetings a day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon; there are two “designated drivers” in both of these meetings — these are the people who fire up the good old AOL client and project their desktop onto a big fancy screen for all to see.

As an occasional meeting DD, I can tell you that the first rule is turning on that IM away message. You are bound to get incoming messages, and while they’re most likely to be work-related, why gamble?

In an afternoon meeting this week, the DD, our male night-shift editor neglected to put up his away message. While we were hotly debating Kim Kardashian’s weight (apparently she swears she is 115 pounds), an IM popped up on his screen, and though he closed it out almost instantly, everyone in the room saw that it said:

AnonymousFriend: so you hit that last night?

Needless to say, the meeting got sidetracked for a good five minutes. Once we all got our giggles under control, the editor, very calmly told us, “For the record, the answer is no.”

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