This Has Nothing to Do With the Post Below, but I’d Really Like to Be Friends With January Jones

September 14, 2008 § Leave a comment

The past two times we’ve gone to the mall, I’ve insisted that we stop by LL Bean to look for a pair of teal corduroy pants I saw in some magazine (I tear things out of magazines and compile them in a little notebook that I use for ideas when getting dressed and going shopping, like wardrobe holes I need to fill — nerdy, I know). Both times, we’ve been unable to find the pants, and both times Scott has looked around LL Bean, wide-eyed at the elastic waistband wide-wale cords, and asked, “Really? You think you’re going to find something you like in this store?”

Today when we failed at finding them again — but I know the clipping said they’d be in stores on August 30 — I flipped open my look book again. Yes. August 30. I looked closer.

It says LANDS END. Not LL Bean.

This might not be the world’s biggest mistake but it comes on the heels of two similarly stupid mistakes I made on Saturday — the first was not reading an invitation closely enough, and erraneously assuming the party started at 8 o’clock. (It actually started at 3, and so we had to uninvite all the people we’d invited over to watch the Penn State-Syracuse game at 3:30 to make our original commitment.)

And from there, it got worse. I drove Scott and I to the bar, and when we arrived, immediately noticed that we didn’t know anyone there. Turns out there are many bars with the same name and I, again, didn’t read the invitation closely enough, and had brought us to the wrong bar. Luckily, the other location wasn’t terribly far away, just 15 minutes, but seriously? What the hell is wrong with me?

Actually, I know exactly what is wrong with me: I don’t pay attention. I am harried. Because I rush through everything in a caffeine- and anxiety-ridden haze, I miss things. I overlook details, I forget things. I am living an unstudied life and it’s frustrating as hell and starting tonight, right after hockey, I am going to slow down and focus on the positive and take everything in. Or, at least I am going to try.

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