In Memoriam: Virginia, 1997-2008

September 3, 2008 § 2 Comments

If you were paying attention on Twitter, you’ll know that we had the cats to the vet last night for their yearly exam. Last year when we took them, the vet pointed out that, at age 7 and 8, they are technically considered elderly, and should probably have their bloodwork checked. We scoffed: 8 isn’t elderly, and neither is 7, for sure. But since then that idea has sunk in, so when the vet mentioned it last night we said yes, go ahead, it seems like a good idea.

On our minds, also, was the sad fact that my brother, at the same time we were in a Virginia veterinary office for an appointment scheduled weeks prior, was in a Pennsylvania veterinary office for an appointment scheduled that morning, the third in two days, to put his first grownup dog to sleep. Her name is, or was, Virginia, because he got her not long after I moved here, and we’ve always liked place names for pet names.

We had seen her less than a week ago — we volunteered to stop in and take care of them while we were in town for my Gram’s birthday party — and she was fine; in fact, we had fretted over Squishy, the black lab on the far left (Virginia is on the far right) most of all, because he’s by far the oldest, and the stiffest. But the youngest, and the seemingly most vibrant, all of a sudden turned out to have inoperable pancreatic cancer, and she’s gone now. When he and I last talked, his voice cracked, but he said “Well she wasn’t exactly the healthiest dog” and we talked for a few minutes about her favorite meal (her own poop) and if nothing else, Internet, Virginia is proof that eating poop is not good for your insides.

I kept tearing up in the waiting room of our appointment, watching people coming in and out with their own pets, thinking of my brother, Virginia, and how that time is coming for all of us. The appointment was fine — Reno and Indy won rave reviews for their manners from the vet and technicians alike — but we’re puttering around the condo tonight, waiting for the vet to call with the bloodwork results. I know it’s nothing, but when I called about them earlier, the tech wouldn’t tell me anything — wouldn’t even let me talk to another doctor — and just said the vet would call us, she wanted to talk to us herself. I’m sure it’s just a dietary change, or a follow-up for some gnarly teeth (cough, Indy, cough), but it’s been almost three hours at this point, and I’m getting frustrated.

But more important, I suppose, is that I shouldn’t be on the Internet, I shouldn’t be writing, I should be doing exactly what i was doing in the waiting room last night, which is loving my pets. And you should, too.

Love your pets tonight, Internet, from you and some extra from me.

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