Exploding International

August 17, 2008 § 3 Comments

Out for drinks at a little place called Awesome Bar on Friday night, the topic of Tropic Thunder came up. I wanted to see it; Scott wanted to see it. Then Zoolander came up, and I related to him how I saw that in theaters just a few days after I finished reading Glamorama.

Have you ever read Glamorama for me? I asked him.
No, he replied, Not for you yet and not for me.
We’ll have to fix that, I said, We can read it together, I haven’t read it in years.

When we got home I gave him the following choice:

Original printing hard cover edition, well worn and well loved paperback edition or advance reader copy?

You don’t just like things, he said later, you really embrace the things you like.

He chose hardcover, I took the ARC. I can’t wait to see how it holds up for me, how he likes it; I love to see how books you love change over the years. I bet we’ll both hate it.

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