I’d Stand Up and Punch Them Out

July 22, 2008 § 2 Comments

I have been busy with working, at the real workplace and also on a fall fashion project I took on to allow myself to indulge in fall fashion. (Actually, that’s a lie; the freelance cash is all going toward a cleaning service, which will improve my life exponentially.)

Other things that have been happening, which may or may not have been Twittered about already, I can’t remember:

–Scott did his final presentation of his thesis, which went well — now it’s just a matter of collecting his diploma, but he’s done with his masters. The same day, I got an unexpected promotion at work. We went out to a fancy restaurant to celebrate, and aside from the wine list and skanky Tila-Tequila lookalike sitting next to us, it was awful. The only food I enjoyed the whole night was the cheese plate … and that was “dessert.”

–I planned a whole big surprise for Scott, involving secret instructions and a mysterious 5:30 p.m. “appointment” … it was really tickets to see ‘The Dark Knight’ in iMax, but I made it seem like a much bigger deal. At the prescribed time when he was supposed to leave work and meet me, he discovered his car had been broken into (which was not, as BetheBoy suggested and Scott momentarily thought, actually the surprise). Stereo was gone, cell phone was gone. We filed a police report, bought him a new cell phone, and missed the movie. Of course making the insurance claim is more costly than replacing everything outright. We might be getting ahead, but it’s in fits and starts.

–I didn’t really think Christian Bale was hot until I read that he roughed up his mom. Now that is what I call hot.

–I caught a sinus infection. Am now on antibiotics.

–My Dad’s birthday is on Thursday. It’s pretty much a guarantee around any holiday or celebration that when I ask him what he’d like, he’ll say nothing, and then I get him movie passes. This time, I suggested that maybe I’d make him a mix CD, and either I’d pick songs for him (I was thinking hits from ’74 and ’77, the years his kids were born), but he asked if he could send me a list of songs. He listens to the radio at work and writes down the song title and artist of anything he hears that he likes, so of course I said yes, and this list, it seriously makes me want to squeeze him so hard — it’s adorable. Actually, let’s put it this way: I now know that my love of Fergie, Pink, Liz Phair and Fontella Bass is at least partially genetic.

I think that’s all. More regular updates to resume once freelance gig is put to bed. But, in the meantime, if you’re bored, here are some other articles I’ve written recently: some advice about having sex after you have kids, some advice about being a good stepmom, and some really cheap ways to give gifts.

Oh, and one more thing … where does this little corner of the Internet come down on current Wired cover-girl Julia Allison? I, for one, am very pro, for no other reason than I have a soft spot for the media savvy, those people who take magazines and the internet and even wee little bloggers like me and wrap them around their pinkies (I also have a secret love for Heidi and Spencer, having never seen an episode of ‘The Hills’ — those photos of them with guns were straight out of ‘Glamorama’). Anyway. Love? Hate? Never heard of her?

§ 2 Responses to I’d Stand Up and Punch Them Out

  • I just heard of Julia Allison this past week. Sarah Lacy, a reporter/author from Silicon Valley, was in town, and she’s friends with Julia. I think Julia and Kevin Rose of Digg had a little thing going for a short while. Nobody within earshot of our conversation could believe I had never heard of Julia Allison. I still didn’t know what she was famous for until I received Wired in the mail over the weekend. I came to realize she was famous for simply being famous. And she did a lot of things to make herself famous — which I guess is partially admirable. But, generally, I’m not fond of people who are only in it for themselves. If someone’s famous for a great accomplishment or for helping others achieve success, I have no problem with giving them due praise. But if someone is just playing the game for their own fame, I tune them out. I’ll probably blog about this later, but I went to a tech networking event last Thursday in DC, and I talked to lots of people. There were some folks who were genuinely nice guys, who were creating great Web startups and were there to share the love. There were also people there who were self-obsessed bloggers, who’s only goal was to make a name for themselves at the expense of others. I didn’t like being around those guys at all. So, as for Julia Allison, if she’s not doing anything that will help improve some portion of the world, I’m not going to give her any of my attention. But that’s just my personal opinion. I don’t care if others adore her.

  • betheboy says:

    I just can’t get excited about Julia Allison. I’d rather follow the adventures of thse who write well, play hockey and suffer the occasional house fire or break in.

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