I Know Our Honeymoon Was Seven Months Ago

July 15, 2008 § 2 Comments

But I finally just got this photo scanned into digital format — while in Mexico, we went horseback riding on the beach, and you were also allowed to unsaddle your horse and take it into the ocean for a swim. It was my first experience both riding bareback and swimming with a horse. Apparently horses love to swim, but they make really weird grunting noises while doing it. Anyway — there is Scott (isn’t his farmer tan so adorable?!)! On a horse! (A horse whose name was either Wizard or Weezer!) And, while it appears that the horse is smiling, he’s actually grunting.

Scott had joked the whole ride that once we got to the beach, he wasn’t just going to swim with the horse, he was going to drown it. And, well, unfortunately for Wizard/Weezer, Scott succeeded.

(Just kidding.)

§ 2 Responses to I Know Our Honeymoon Was Seven Months Ago

  • patricia says:

    You need a disclaimer to this entry lest some crazy, er, passionate person get all confused … something like, No horses were harmed in the making of this post. etc.

    While the farmer’s tan is funny (and I can say that because I’m rocking a damn fine one myself) the second photo is funnier.

  • Meredith says:

    haha, i’m sorry — but there is the (just kidding) at the end!

    in reality, the second photo happened in time before the first (you take the saddle off, horses roll around in the sand, like, instantly). it makes a funnier, more ridiculous story in reverse, though.

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