So Hot Right Now

July 10, 2008 § 2 Comments

There are two playlists on my iPod right now — the latest CD by The Kills, and The Ting-Tings, and they are right next to other thanks to the wild coincidence of having ‘the’ in their names — and I think it’s weird that both albums have bizarre songs with similar themes.

The Kills, ‘Sour Cherry’: I’m the only sour cherry on the fruit stand …

The Ting-Tings,’ ‘Fruit Machine’: You keep playing me like a fruit machine …

Maybe it’s not that weird, but it makes me think of this Lisa Nova video, which I adored when it first came out, and cracks me up to this day. Also, The Kills song is great, while The Ting-Tings one sucks. A lot.

My point here: It does not exist.

On a somewhat related note, is the new Beck CD any good? Should I buy it? And should I stop scouring every interview with him about it to see if he mentions Scientology and Jeremy Blake and Teresa Duncan? Yeah, I probably should.

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