A Roundup of Things No One Cares About

June 29, 2008 § 3 Comments

The House held a special session on June 19 to address “Breeding, Drugs, and Breakdowns: The State of Thoroughbred Horseracing and the Welfare of the Thoroughbred Racehorse” in response to Eight Belles’ death at the Kentucky Derby. The hearings focused on exactly what they should have: doping and breeding. I can’t really figure out what action — if any — Congress has decided to take as a result of the hearings, but it’s heartening that they’re happening.

Rick Dutrow, asshole trainer of burnout (or loose-shoe wearer) Big Brown, is under fire for a positive drug test on one of the horses in his stable, Salute the Count. Luckily, he thinks ““It is just not as big a deal as everyone is trying to make it out to be.” OK, Rick. Sure.

ESPN’s Bill Finley thinks that in order to redeem himself, Big Brown has to beat Curlin. Thing is that Curlin is headed for a hoity-toity race in Paris and not the Breeders Cup. Finley thinks Big Brown should follow him to France. I think IEAH should save the airfare: Big Brown can’t beat Curlin, who is hands down the most dominant horse of our generation.

Nicanor, Barbaro’s full brother, continues to train at Fair Hill — it seems he’s been working most often with a Smarty Jones colt named Rockland. (It’s hard to believe we’ll get to see the first crop of Smarty Jones foals this year … it doesn’t seem like three years have passed.) All the press Nicanor’s received since the beginning of May — by all the press I suppose I mean this NYTimes article — makes me nervous — that’s a lot of pressure on one horse. And it’s not like I’m helping; should we go to Vegas sometime this year, I’ll be putting a futures bet on him for the Derby. You never know.

§ 3 Responses to A Roundup of Things No One Cares About

  • Scott says:

    I care about this. I’m still torn on horse racing — are we supporting a glorified version of dog fighting? I know that’s a somewhat ridiculous comparison, but still, horses are dying on the track. Expecting zero fatalities is unrealistic, but I’m not sure what has to happen before the sport becomes “safe.”

  • shampoosolo says:

    I know. I’m still torn, too, but I don’t think it’s dogfighting — Bob Baffert is right: No one who loves horse racing wants to see horses get hurt, and in that respect it’s actually above Nascar and whatnot. But — I like all the scrutiny that’s focused on it, and, and, I like that Curlin’s owners know that the sport needs longevity, and a horse to latch onto, and that they are giving people that. But yeah, baby, I still don’t know, either. I’m not sure if we’ll know in a year, or 10, but I know we love something that’s complicated.

  • Robin says:

    People forget that horse racing is the only sport where legally you can drug and beat an animal – for entertainment. Problem is it is such a big earner for governments around the world ….

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