Life Is Beautiful, and Boring

May 19, 2008 § 2 Comments

Me on IM [11:53 A.M.]: I just had the following thought: “Wow. I hope I have a few spare minutes this afternoon to organize my Firefox bookmarks.” Followed by this thought: “HOLY SHIT, I AM BORING.”
Her on IM [11:54 A.M.]: That’s OK. On my mental to-do list is to buy leather protector and buff my leather shoes.
Me on IM [11:55 A.M.]: I might go back to Target this afternoon because when I was there yesterday, I forgot to buy a little blind spot mirror and a rag to wipe off the MINI’s back window when it rains.
Me on IM [12:13 P.M.]: FASTLANE.

Also, unrelated, I am now on Twitter. My username is my real-life name; I’m finding it hard to find people I know, both real and Internet, so look me up if you’d like.

§ 2 Responses to Life Is Beautiful, and Boring

  • pea says: … that’s me. i’m super boring so, come on, you know you totally want to follow me!

    Don’t tell the boss this but chatting with friends during work hours is pretty much the only thing that keeps me from jumping out of the chair and running away never ever to return. I think, hmm. At the very least I’d have to clear out the cache and sign out of chat. That’s enough to slow me down most days. 😀

  • will says:

    You’re welcome to follow me, betheboy and my much more interesting wife who is listed under slackmistress.

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