My, My, My, My Slow Descent … Into an Abusive Relationship With the New Pornographers

April 16, 2008 § 6 Comments

We had tickets to see the New Pornographers on Monday night.

I’d done my homework; Neko Case wasn’t with them on the first part of the tour, but according to local blogs, she’d been with them the past several stops, including Ithaca the night before (where she’d been battling a cold). We stopped for empanadas on our way into DC, we sipped a few beers, we suffered through the first, slow part of Okkervil River’s set, we enjoyed the second, fast part of Okkervil River’s set, we waited for the New Pornographers until 9:30, when, ever-so-prompt, they popped on stage.

Without Neko Case.

Look, you can take either side in this argument, and you’ll be right. I’m in the “if she couldn’t perform, why not cancel the show?” camp. I think the “it’s Carl Newman’s band anyway so you shouldn’t expect the whole group at every show” camp has a very valid argument as well. We would’ve gone to the show anyway, even if it was just a Carl show, but we would’ve had different expectations. I felt cheated, and bitterly disappointed. I thought about breaking up with them — getting rid of my NP albums, but I couldn’t; I listened to Mass Romantic on my drive to work the next morning, feeling mad and sad (yes, I know, I take things very personally).

I felt — as I described it to Scott — the same way I would feel, back when he and I were first dating, and we’d get into these stupidly huge fights*. I’d be so angry with him, so disappointed, so hurt — but I knew that ultimately I’d forgive him because I loved him so damn much. Clearly, I will always give the things I truly, truly love as many chances as they need.

So, obviously … we bought a pair of tickets to the Tuesday night show. I had a feeling Carl Newman was going to seek me out in the crowd, punch me in the face and then say, “Oh, baby, why do you make me hurt you?”

He didn’t.

Neko Case was there; she was still sick, but she’s a gamer. The whole vibe was different — I felt giddy, the crowd seemed more into the show, and I didn’t want it to end; at one point I almost burst into tears because I felt so damn happy. They played so many songs I love, and didn’t expect to hear — Adventures in Solitude and The Bleeding Heart Show, for example — and I just knew, I could just tell, that they were trying to make it up to me, so I let them.

It’s true: I totally had make-up sex with the New Pornographers.

Tonight, we’re driving to Richmond to see them again, and I’m pretty sure Kathryn Calder is going to throw me down a flight of stairs.

*We don’t have fights like that anymore. Yay for maturity!

§ 6 Responses to My, My, My, My Slow Descent … Into an Abusive Relationship With the New Pornographers

  • styro says:

    You’re coming to richmond? Gurl you should email me! Iron & Wine is playing at the National and we’re going to that show, I think. I saw Neko Case back on her Furnace Room Lullaby tour, and there were literally 5 people in the Iota cafe. I’ve seen her lots since, but she’s never been that great again. We should meet up for a drink maybe before the show? email me or call me if you still got my number.

  • rob says:

    Would you go see Postal Service without Jenny Lewis? I’m thinking I would.

  • shampoo solo says:

    We considered going to Richmond tonight, but it’s not in the cards after all. I think Scott would kill me, then divorce me, if he had to see the NPs again.

    I would see — and have seen (I think) — the Postal Service without Jenny Lewis. I think — there was a girl there, but I don’t remember if it was Jenny or not. But, that feels different to me … she only sings with them on that one song. I would most def not go to see Rilo Kiley without her, though. That would be TORTURE. Blake sucks.

  • PetsAh! says:

    I left the 9:30 Club last October a little worried — the NP’s seemed a little tired during the set they had just finished. Or was I tiring of them?
    Then came the single, “Joseph, Who Understood,” and Carl and Neko took me back to that divine space they had transported me to many times before.
    But should I risk another live mis-step? I did, and last night’s second 9:30 show was supreme. The banter, the energy, the holy melodies and harmonies — ah, yes, I know what your talking about.

  • Ben says:

    I’d see Postal Service with or without Jenny Lewis, but I don’t think I’d see Rilo Kiley again either way. I was not impressed with their 930 show a while ago. It may just be that I don’t like the new album, though.

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