I Hope This Is Enough for Two Six-Hour Flights

April 9, 2008 § Leave a comment

Four mini Hershey bars
One bag of Chex Mix
One large bag of M&Ms
Two packs of gum
Chocolate-covered pretzels
More than 4,000 songs
Two magazines (Vanity Fair, which will take awhile to read, and Lucky, which will take 10 minutes to read)
Two novels (The Senator’s Wife and Free Food for Millionaires)
Three episodes of What Not to Wear
One iTunes movie rental (X-Files: Fight the Future [I have to prepare for the new movie!])
One book of sudoku
All the network and cable TV JetBlue has to offer
One husband
We leave for San Fran in mere hours to visit our best friends, who are going to get THE HARDEST, FIERCEST HUGS IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD (you know who you are, and you have been warned) when we arrive. We will be watching baseball games and sipping wine and shopping and yes, I kinda do wish we were getting there a day earlier so we could sit on the Golden Gate Bridge wearing our ‘I ❤ China’ t-shirts, but, alas, we booked one day too late. (Clearly, I’m joking, though we do wish we would be there earlier, in fact, I wish I was there RIGHT NOW. But soon.) So, bye!

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