I’m the One That’s Tattooed on His Arm

March 29, 2008 § Leave a comment

To: Meredith & Scott
From: Male Friend Who Shall Remain Anonymous
Re: McSweeney’s

It goes without saying that I have the McSweeney’s book of lists on my coffee table. It also goes without saying that my friend Lucy has no interest in college basketball, so she’s been reading it when she and her husband come over to watch hoops. She’s hooked on it.

Anyway, we’re sitting at my house last night and she says, “I was at the McSweeney’s site today and read the best list. It was ‘Other Things There Will Be, In Addition to Blood.'”

This struck me as adorably cute, the kind of randomness that happens only in romantic comedies and rarely, if ever, in real life. It also got me thinking about some of my favorite McSweeney’s list, and while I do enjoy many, my No. 1 most favorite of all times would have to be Airlines That Never Took Off. There is a bar/lounge we frequent often called the Continental; immediately after reading that list it was forever renamed the Contimental.

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