Six Songs for Sunday

March 16, 2008 § Leave a comment

1. Mercy — Duffy (Currently the free single of the week on iTunes, first exposed [to me] by the guys at Asylum, a site all dudes should be reading; Duffy’s like Amy Winehouse without the drugs, showcasing a ‘Stand by Me’ beat without any of that Sean Kingston annoyingness.)

2. You’re a Wolf — Sea Wolf (You can download this one for free from Spinner, then be prepared to listen to it on repeat endlessly.)

3. Flat on the Floor — Carrie Underwood (This was the second song she performed on ‘SNL’ a few weeks ago; it was stronger live, but it proves Carrie can do more than smash headlights when she’s angry.)

4. Don’t Bring Me Down (Live) — The New Pornographers (From the Soho show iTunes is currently selling. An American classic as performed by my absolute favorite band.)

5. Work That — Mary J. Blige (I normally despise Mary J., but even I can’t resist a song this catchy; a coworker shared it with me for an office mix CD.)

6. Open Your Eyes — Snow Patrol (Currently showcased in the ‘Stop-Loss’ trailer, which proves this song can make me want to watch anything.)

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