Suck It, Presidents

February 17, 2008 § 2 Comments

Total Vomits: 15-20
Hours Spent in ER: 6 (My second trip in a little more than two months.)
Diagnosis: Viral stomach bug with severe dehydration (I was taking a sip of water and then THROWING UP A SIP OF WATER. And chugging water so I could throw up the chugged water, and feel better for 5 seconds.)
IV Bags Before Rehydration Successful: 2
Large Bottles of Gatorade Consumed: 35
Sore Parts of Body: Neck, throat, back, shoulders, chest, stomach, teeth. The teeth, the teeth … the worst of all.
Movies Watched: 1 (I love Matt Damon.)
Fears About Health Care Bills To Come: Oppressive
Episodes of ‘Cashmere Mafia’ Watched: 2
Times DVR Was Stopped, Switched to ‘Erase,’ Then Turned Back to ‘Cashmere’: 4
Average Hours of Sleep Per Night: 10
Average Length of Standard Nap: 2 hours
Size of Indentation on Couch: HUGE
Times I’ve Illed On Long Weekends: COUNTLESS

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