To the General Store For Nothing Specific

January 26, 2008 § Leave a comment

9 PM to Midnight, Pacific Time
The hours that are hardest for you, or, at least, the hours that I imagine would be the hardest. The hours when you are you, free from work, at home, alone, lost, distraught, in need, wondering what is next, what to do, who to see, whether to go out, whether to stay in, and through all, waiting for the hours to pass, needing someone, but not wanting to wake me, or any of us, up, knowing that it is midnight, or 2 AM or 3 AM, and we are sleeping, and that would be wrong, an imposition, but it wouldn’t, it wouldn’t. I am here. We are here, always.

6 AM to 9 AM, Eastern Time
The hours that I know, without fail, are hardest for me. The hours when I am waking, pouring coffee, reading, driving, researching, and thinking of you, waiting to hear from you; wondering about the night before, what you did, how things are, if you went out, if you stayed in, if you ate, if you are OK, if you need me, if you are sleeping, if you are finally, finally sleeping, and wanting to call but not wanting to risk waking you, not wanting to hover, or impose. You are here, in my thoughts, in our thoughts, constantly.

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