Hello, I Am Still 10 Years Old

January 15, 2008 § 4 Comments

I can’t for the life of me remember where I first heard about this, but apparently, somewhere on the Interwebs, the Cool Kids have replaced the “Add ‘In Bed’ to the End of Your Fortune Cookie” Game with the “Add ‘Between Your Legs’ to the End of Movie Titles” Game. It turns out this new game is even better, and even more pervasive (especially if, like me, you’re not a fan of Chinese food or fortune cookies). Just thinking of movies I’ve seen recently, I came up with:

Charlie Wilson’s War Between Your Legs
Enchanted Between Your Legs
The Nanny Diaries Between Your Legs
Waitress Between Your Legs
National Treasure Between Your Legs
Sicko Between Your Legs

While I believe it’s meant specifically for movies, it also seems to work for TV shows (and, for whatever reason, ABC TV shows in particular). Look:

Lost Between Your Legs
Private Practice Between Your Legs
Big Shots Between Your Legs
Samantha Who Between Your Legs
Brothers & Sisters Between Your Legs
Dirty Sexy Money Between Your Legs
Ugly Betty Between Your Legs
Gossip Girl Between Your Legs
Bionic Woman Between Your Legs

And, of course, the one that made me actually chuckle OL to myself:

Lipstick Jungle Between Your Legs

Please, chime in with your hilarious, disgusting, or just-plain-wrong additions (although, I swear to Beer, don’t you dare touch Kid Nation Between Your Legs — even I have standards. Plus, I just beat you to it). This might be the funnest game since Scrabulous.

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