The Marc Jacobs / Victoria Beckham Ads

January 11, 2008 § 4 Comments

I feel like everyone, everywhere (at least on the female- and fashion-focused blogs that I read) is talking about the new Marc Jacobs ads featuring Victoria Beckham today (more of the ads can be seen here). Pretty much every comment I’ve seen has found the ads cool and funny and quirky, but something about them, particularly the one above, bothered me.

So I kept staring at it. And staring.

And then I got it.

Victoria Beckham is in a bag. She’s crumpled up like a doll and stuffed into that bag; those ugly shoes seem to imply the necessary violence inherent in such an act. In this ad at least, you don’t see her face — you don’t even see a product. Beckham is the product, the object, the celebrity. The other ads aren’t much better — particularly the one that implies she’s a shoe … she’s something you can put on your feet and walk around on, she fits in a shoebox and you can put her on a shelf in your closet and forget about her. She’s just a pretty little thing you can buy. I know this isn’t the spirit of the ad, but I feel an undercurrent of violence, a gleeful sense of disposability and a blurring between the commercial and the personal. It feels like the opposite of Posh; it feels faceless and ugly and dangerous.

§ 4 Responses to The Marc Jacobs / Victoria Beckham Ads

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