Stop Me if You’ve Heard This One Before

January 6, 2008 § 3 Comments

After all I learned in researching this post, I couldn’t resist firing off the following letter to the editor of Vanity Fair:

Vanity Fair, you owe readers of Nancy Jo Sales’ piece, ‘The Golden Suicides,’ about art couple Jeremy Blake and Theresa Duncan in the January issue, a further explanation. Those of us enthralled by the story who ventured online for more information discovered that Sales wasn’t the first reporter assigned to the story, and that Sales is not legally married to Father Frank Morales, but rather their union was a spirtual one. Furthermore, did Sales — and Vanity Fair — exploit Morales’ personal connections to Blake and Duncan to gain access to sources? An email from Blake’s mother on confirms that Morales introduced her to Sales. These odd connections conjure questions of journalistic integrity, and perhaps more ironically, illustrate that troubled Theresa Duncan and Jeremy Blake were not unique in their complicated tangle of intrigue — we all as human beings create a confusing tapestry of difficult-to-explain interconnections, but Vanity Fair has a readership to explain itself to in full.

Meredith ______

Graydon Carter, I think you hear me coming for you. In retrospect, I wish I would have mentioned the Italian interview where Beck talks about Alice Underground, but, I only had about 10 minutes to throw this together.

§ 3 Responses to Stop Me if You’ve Heard This One Before

  • Melinda Hunt says:

    Let us know if you get a response. It seems like the Graydon Carter was complicit in lying about Sales’ marital status as well as allowing this pack of lies to go out as investigative journalism.

    Someone should look up the location of EMT response address to where Morales was when he “pass out among friends.” He was at Sales apt. on that evening of July 31. So much for the army of fact checkers.

  • shampoosolo says:

    Melinda — absolutely. I’ve heard nothing yet, but I believe VF is on a two-month cycle in publishing reader letters; the Feb. issue has input from the Dec. issue. Fingers crossed…

  • Onlooker says:

    I first read the Vanity Fair article almost a month ago. I admired the portrait of Katherine Heigl on the cover, so my wife picked a copy up for me. Thumbing through the issue, I stumbled across the ‘Golden Suicides’ and found myself not only captivated, but mostly disappointed and saddened by the demise of these two creative and ambitious human beings. It’s easy to speculate about the problems in peoples’ lives and deaths, but this entire story is a truly tangled mystery. As I searched the internet for more articles on the internet, I found some repeats of what others have already reported about Theresa Duncan and Jeremy Blake. Were they actually harassed by scientologists or just plagued by Duncan’s own unfulfilled ambition? I am a skeptic at first, but do any of the theories have substance? I guess one would have to weigh all of the events that led Duncan to take her own life, to fathom what she grappled with in her final days. With all respect and fairness to Miss Duncan and Mr. Blake, may they rest in peace, I don’t mean to perpetuate any further the feeding frenzy on their misfortune, rather I only wish that this may be put into new light. I guess we all want answers. Maybe answers that will never arrive. The puzzle is very intriguing. I just keep mulling over the blogs/articles to see if there are any updates. As many have asked, I’m still very curious, as to why Duncan and Blake, at their age, with what appears to be an established and ideal lifestyle, immersed in a rich creative culture, would bow out so early? Is there another side to any of this?

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