Looking Forward to Looking Back

January 2, 2008 § 1 Comment

Here’s a quick rundown of our honeymoon, which we divided between The Royal in Playa del Carmen and home, in list format, to make it appear more interesting than perhaps it was. We went back to work today, and we’ve both realized that we were neither made to work, nor to live in poverty. Pickle.

Number of Consecutive Days Gone Without Working: 25
Time of Day We Woke on Day 1 of Honeymoon: 6 a.m.
Time of Day We Woke on Day 25 of Honeymoon: 10:47 a.m.
Average Number of Naps Per Day: 0.9
Number of Stray Cats Harassed in Mexico: 2
Number of House Cats Harassed in the U.S.: 2
Number of Times Sushi Was Consumed: 2
Number of Times, Previously, That Wife Had Consumed Sushi: 0
Number of Books Read: 3
Number of Magazines Read: Countless
Movies We Watched: Stardust, Music and Lyrics, Waitress, The Nanny Diaries, Enchanted, National Treasure 2, Juno, Charlie Wilson’s War. There are amusing individual things I could tell you about all of those movies, like how we watched Stardust over drinks on the plane to Mexico, or how we broke out into an impromptu dance party in our living room to George Michael’s ‘Freedom’ after The Nanny Diaries, or how a bunch of guys were the ones to suggest seeing Enchanted, or how my high expectations for Juno left me a wee disappointed, or how crowded the theater was for Charlie Wilson’s War, because we saw it in DC, surrounded by policy wonks who ate up every Sorkin word, but this is a list, not a paragraph!
Amount of Scrabble Games Played: Lots
Number of Times “Oh my gosh, we’re married” Was Said: 57
Dozens of Cookies Baked: 4
Dozens of Cookies Thrown Away Due to Suckiness: 2
Number of Times We Ate at Potbelly: 4 (And, may I just proudly point out that these were four different Potbelly locations.)
Number of Senseless Flame Wars We Started on the IMDB.com Message Boards: 2 (It’s best if I don’t go into details.)

(Photo by us. He has flat feet. She does not.)

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