My Grandma Ain’t the Only One Calling Me “Baby”

September 16, 2007 § 1 Comment

The wedding machinery is starting to churn. (The date is December 8, for anyone who [quite understandable] lost track in the 14 months since we got engaged.) I’m already starting to looking forward to December 9, when all this planning and crafting and researching will be finished and I can focus on being married and taking tennis lessons. Until then, though, there’s a good chance the majority of my posts will be wedding focused; if you’re not into that kind of scene, see you on December 9!

Anyway. Today we went to Men’s Wearhouse and got some college kid to reluctantly help us — he had Marketing 228 homework to do, folks. During the course of our time there, which was brief because we’d already cased the store and picked out what we wanted, he managed to personally insult us with the following:

1. Called our wedding “boring” when we decided on a very simple black-white color combination for the tuxes. Um. Excuse me? Scott quickly jumped in and corrected him — “Actually, it’s classic, not boring” — before I could summon up the proper order of profanities to explain that we’re not (motherfucking) teal blue kind of people (you ignorant douchebag).

2. Told Scott “Oh, so you’re the cheap bastard” when he said he’d be the beneficiary of the rent-four-get-one-free tux special. Um. Excuse me? Again Scott jumped in quickly and corrected him — pointing out that we had plenty of wedding-related expenses and it wasn’t like getting a free tux was actually making the whole thing affordable. Again, I was flabbergasted and caught flat-footed, gathering my profanities. (Not to mention — does anyone give that free tux away, ever? You can’t, you just can’t. I’m afraid it would come across as “We didn’t think you could afford it,” not to mention that you don’t want Best Man A casually mentioning to Best Man B that “Oh my tux was free — yours wasn’t?” You just can’t.

What a punk. (And yes, I get that he was trying to be funny and build rapport, at least with the bastard comment — but failing.)

We totally would’ve and probably should’ve walked out of the store and gone somewhere else except, wedding planning? Total pain in the ass. However, calling Men’s Wearhouse and complaining about crap employee? Easy. And done.

§ One Response to My Grandma Ain’t the Only One Calling Me “Baby”

  • gmr2048 says:

    You shoulda just drug him into a fitting room and beaten him bloody. That would have sent a message similar to the phone call. Perhaps a bit more direct, too.

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