Why I Hate Perez Hilton

August 20, 2007 § 7 Comments

It’s all fun and games when you’re covering celebrities, when you’re reporting on gossip — essentially, when you’re saying shit that can’t be fact-checked, that can’t be proved or disproved, the kind of things you can chalk up to “an unnamed source.” That’s fine; that’s all well and good.

Where Perez exposes himself is posts like these; where unresearched bits of prose (namely, “the Dap-Kings and Sharon are releasing their own album”) reveal him as, well, not much of a journalist — he leaves his comfort zone, he covers topics he shouldn’t be covering, and in doing so, he looks foolish. Because, if you’re going to write about something, are you really (really) that busy drawing spooge on photographs of questionable original that you can’t look Sharon Jones up on le Internet and learn that this isn’t a first album — it isn’t like the Dap Kings sang backup for Amy Winehouse, got noticed, and got an album deal, which is how he makes it sound — but rather, this is the group’s third album? Third album.

Really, it’s not so hard. (That’s what she said.) And that kind of slapdash journalistic work — in front of an audience of millions — bothers me; with readership comes responsibility. Of course, maybe expecting a sense of responsibility from someone who generates pageviews from blatant clickbait is a mistake on my part; but people keep telling me he’s such a smart businessman. Shouldn’t he be a smart journalist, too? And even if he is one or the other or one but not the other, shouldn’t he be smart enough to Google “Sharon Jones Dap Kings” and do one quick fact check before publishing content?

§ 7 Responses to Why I Hate Perez Hilton

  • tracey says:

    I agree totally.

  • Suzanne says:

    I agree too. The guy posts worthless information, only for the entertainment of people who have nothing better to do than backstab celebrities – based on nothing more than rumors. He also allows pretty hateful comments between users on the boards where people discuss his “stories.”

  • Totally agreed. The lines between journalism and trashy infotainment are very blurred these days.

    Which is why I watch the news on PBS. It’s the only source I trust.

  • paula says:

    Perez is vile and disgusting. He can’t spell, he is constantly “outing” people. Eh. He’s a waste of skin.

  • Melanie says:

    I have started a new entertainment blog that tries to focus more on the positive. It is my peaceful protest against the negativity of bloggers like Perez. Please support me by visiting my site, commenting, and giving me feedback. Thank you!

  • Vanessa says:

    I see your point, however the only problem is Perez never claimed to be a journalist. Because he knows he’s not. He has always claimed to be an entertainer, and to his fans, he is.

  • TAylor says:

    Hes so stupid. Im a teen so i’ll talk abt when he bashes 1 of my biggest idols : kristen stewart (she seems so anti-hollywood). He always calls her boring, a loser & ugly. . . Um perez? SHES a LOSER!??!! dude, ur a middle aged talentless piece of crap tht doesnt have s*** 2 do w/his time except post stuff on a pointless blog abt 20 yr old girls tht havent done s*** 2 u. . But yeaaaah SHES the loser. & shes ugly? Have u seen her? She is beautiful! Just bcuz shes not blonde & tan she has 2 be ugly? & shes boring? She gets 2 kiss robert & taylor & dakota fanning & tht hot guy thats in ‘In The Land Of Women’ & she got 2 play JOAN FREAKIN JETT! u cant get cooler than tht! Anyway, perez needs 2 shut the f*** up abt every1 he talks abt , not just kristen, & get a life or go jump off a cliff (preferably the 2nd choice)

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